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Childe is the bad guy of Genshin Impact. He possesses sociopathic tendencies, and has the habit of lying to your face, manipulating you to trust him, so he can eavesdrop on other characters in the story.

Genshin Impact – How to Beat Childe Boss

Nonetheless, after meeting him a few times in the story-mode, you can fight him now. Childe is becoming a weekly boss which you can find to get some unbelievable rewards!

It’s important to strategize before challenging him. That’s why we will tell you how to beat the Childe boss in Genshin Impact.

How to Beat Childe Boss – Genshin Impact


If you challenge him, you will get to see his true side, which is all evil. When you fight him, you will have to defeat him three times, since he will change three forms.

The first one will be as you know him, ordinary with Hydro elemental skills. However, when you beat him, he will get enraged and change his appearance and strength, as well as his element to Electro.

The third form is when you will meet the Devil Childe, he will grow in size and become this sort of a Hydro demon god. Here is how you can beat the Childe boss in Genshin Impact:

  • When he is in his first form make sure to use an Electro character to counter him. Switch between Electro and Cryo.
  • In his first form, you can attack him from up close freely since his main attack will be an airstrike, make sure to dodge this, they can deal a lot of damage.
  • After he switches, use any character you feel comfortable. But I would suggest Hydro or Pyro. But technically you can do it with any one since he will become Electro elemental.
  • He will love to attack from close-range in this form so pick a ranged character and keep your distance.
  • In hist last form, focus more on dodging and be patient with you attack. Wait for him to calm down a bit before you attack. You can use any element here also.

Those are all the tips you need to beat Childe the weekly boss. Also, make sure to make and bring a lot of food before starting the fight.

He is far more potent than the other bosses, so you must be careful. However, if you are feeling confident and want to challenge him, good luck!

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