How to rotate items in Escape From Tarkov


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Managing your inventory and rotating items in Escape From Tarkov is absolutely vital for maximizing profits in a raid, and maximizing just how much stuff you can fit in your stash. To show how useful understanding your inventory is, I’m going to be using a Scav vest and backpack as a demonstration.

How to rotate items in Escape From Tarkov
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How to Rotate Items in Escape From Tarkov?

Rotating items in your inventory may sound super basic, but many players don’t realize for quite some time that you can rotate items simply by pressing R while moving them in your inventory. Right off the bat, this allows you to store guns(like this pair of SKSs) in bags like the Scav Backpack with much more vertical space than they have horizontal space.

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Unloading Guns

Unloading some weapons allows you to make more space in your bag as well, while this won’t apply to guns with pistol grips (like M4s and AKs), it can be useful for squeezing the most out of a Scav fight. In this instance, you can fit in an entire AK in the space you’ve made.

eft unloading guns

Collapsing Stocks

Speaking of AKs, collapsing or removing the stock of an AK can free up even more space in your inventory. If the weapon has a collapsing/folding stock, just right click on it in your inventory and select the “fold” option. If your weapon doesn’t have a collapsing stock, but you’d like to free up some space anyway, you can usually remove the stock altogether.

Just double click on the gun to open up its inspect panel, right-click on the stock, and click “uninstall”. Stocks aren’t really worth much compared to the whole gun, so if you don’t have the inventory space clicking “discard” on the stock is also perfectly fine.

Partially Disassembling Guns

Finally, once you’re out of a raid you can squeeze just a little more space out of your gear.

eft Partially Disassembling Guns

Here is an example of uncollapsed weapons in your stash. I already mentioned that you can remove magazines on guns like the SKS to reduce their size, but if you remove both the magazine and the pistol grip on an AK it will also open up some extra space.

eft dissembled

That’s a whole row of 5, and 3 extra spaces opened up by just removing mags and grips. Note that when doing this, removing the stock of the AK will actually cost you an extra space since the stock takes up 2 spaces on its own.

Now that you know your inventory system and how to rotate items, make sure to make the most out of a raid.

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