Is Car Mechanic Simulator Multiplayer?


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Playing Car Mechanic Simulator multiplayer with friends would be a blast.

Is Car Mechanic Simulator Multiplayer?

Car Mechanic Simulator is a first-person car mechanic simulator that allows you to repair, modify, and restore junk cars. As you progress in-game, you will take on more complex repairs, where you could use a couple of helping hands.

Multiplayer sounds like a great idea in Car Mechanic Simulator, but does it have the feature built-in? We will answer that question in this quick guide.

Can you play Car Mechanic Multiplayer?

No, you cannot play Car Mechanic Simulator in multiplayer mode. It is a single-player offline game only.

Working on an engine with a friend in Car Mechanic Simulator multiplayer mode is the dream

Red Dot Games received many requests from its player base regarding multiplayer capability in the game. Unfortunately, the devs must rewrite the entire game from scratch to add online multiplayer capability. Hence they scratched the idea and are focused on improving the game’s single-player experience.

Are there any plans to add multiplayer co-op in Car Mechanic Simulator?

No. The devs are focused on adding new features to the game, such as new cars, engines, garages, and more. A multiplayer mode will not be arriving anytime soon for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021, as the devs will have to rewrite the entire game to bring multiplayer into the game.

With that said Red Dot Games might build the feature into a future iteration of Car Mechanic Simulator, considering a lot of fans have been asking for the feature for a while now.

Is Car Mechanic Simulator offline?

Car Mechanic Simulator is offline and single-player only. You cannot play Car Mechanic Simulator online with other players as the game does not have an online function.

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There are no plans to add an online multiplayer feature as well. Moreover, the devs also explained that adding an online multiplayer feature requires a full rewrite of the game’s base code, which they are not currently interested in.

Final Thoughts

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is an excellent simulator game that allows you to bring junk cars back to their former glory. While the game does not have a multiplayer feature that will enable you to play with friends online, you can still have tons of fun collecting and restoring vehicles offline.

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