Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Responds to Dave Bautsita Fancast in God of War Series



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It’s been almost a year since it was reported that Amazon was working on a God of War series, but we have yet to get an update. Mulitple fancasts have been going around online for who the live-action Kratos would be, and while Dave Bautista sounds like a good idea, actor Christopher Judge doesn’t seem to think so.

Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Responds to Dave Bautsita Fancast in God of War Series

He responds on Twitter after a fancast of Bautista as Kratos started going around:

Admittedly, fans have been wanting Judge to play the character himself in a live-action adaptation. At 58-years-old, I also don’t think that Judge would be eager jumping around and doing fight scenes as Kratos.

I guess it’s also worth noting that Bautista had been campaigning for another video game role—Marcus Fenix in a Gears of War film.  So far, the closest Bautista has gotten there is getting a skin of himself in Gears 5, but should a movie happen, Bautista should definitely be on the top of that list.

For now, Amazon hasn’t updated fans on their God of War series, but after the success of GOW Ragnarok, the wheels should definitely be turning again. Personally, I think the spectacle of God of War deserves to be on a big screen, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I guess a series following Kratos’ travels from the Greek to Norse mythology could be an interesting premise. It has the privilege of not being compared to previous properties, and it’s pretty much an open book for any showrunner to add to the mythos.

For now, God of War Ragnarok is available on PlayStation.

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