Mastering Lane Control With Khufra: A Pro Guide for Mobile Legends



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Mastering Lane Control With Khufra: A Pro Guide for Mobile Legends

Tanks play a pivotal role in Mobile Legends. In addition to absorbing damage from the opposing team, tanks are mostly responsible for setting up plays through crowd control. And when it comes to crowd control, Khufra is king.

Khufra is considered a pro-level hero because of his complex skills. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make the most of this game-changing tank.

Khufra Emblem and Battle Spell

To start with, you’ll obviously want a tank emblem for Khufra. Focus most of your points on Vitality and CD Reduction. This gives Khufra the right HP boost he needs to stick it out through those tough fights. Good CD Reduction allows him to spam his skills as much as possible.

Choose Brave Smite for his extra ability. This passive skill restores 5% HP when your hero is using a crowd control ability. It has a cooldown of 10 seconds. This is a pivotal passive skill for Khufra because all of his active abilities inflict some form of crowd control.

For his Battle Spell, you have two good options. The first and most common is Flicker. In general, Flicker is a good Battle Spell for tanks that have crowd control abilities. It will help you set up plays a lot easier. Flicker can also help you escape sticky situations.

Another good Battle Spell is Petrify. Not a lot of players use this one, but Khufra is good at invading groups of enemies and catching them off-guard. Petrify can be effective in those situations. Moreover, it adds another crowd control ability to Khufra’s arsenal, bringing the total number to four.

Khufra’s Abilities

Khufra has one of the best passive abilities for a tank. Spell Curse basically gives Khufra a means to heal. This spell takes 11 seconds to recharge, but the cooldown is reduced whenever Khufra inflicts crowd control. In addition to healing Khufra, it can deal significant damage at a range as well.

At level one, you should first put a point in Tyrant’s Revenge. This is Khufra’s primary crowd control ability. It basically launches Khufra and knocks up any enemy that he comes in contact with. It’s a good ability to use when chasing down heroes. It’s also his primary ability when it comes to ganking.

Remember, you don’t have to fully charge Tyrant’s Revenge. When chasing down close heroes, just tap on the ability and it will immediately hit the hero. Since Tyrant’s Rage knocks up heroes on contact, it can be used to cancel some abilities. For instance, if there’s an enemy Pharsa or Odette, use Khufra’s Tyrant’s Revenge on them whenever they use their ultimate abilities.

Next, focus on building Bouncing Ball. This is Khufra’s primary means of dealing damage. It turns Khufra into a bouncing ball and deals magic damage on contact. What’s good about it is that the damage ramps up depending on Khufra’s health pool.

Bouncing Ball also knocks up enemy heroes if they use a Flicker ability. With this, Khufra can cause a lot of trouble for heroes like Wanwan, Fanny, Moskov, and many others.

Tyrant’s Rage is one of his most useful abilities. Basically, Khufra clasps his hands and drags any hero in the way in front of him. If you are able to push heroes toward a wall, they’ll be stunned temporarily.

Tyrant’s Rage is Khufra’s best asset because a well-timed deployment can potentially stun the entire enemy team. It can also be used to push back heroes that are chasing you down. It can be hard to master Tyrant’s Rage. The key here is to use walls and bushes to your advantage.

The best combo for Khufra would be to use Tyrant’s Revenge to close in on the enemies. If you have Petrify, use it then and there so they won’t be able to escape. While they are petrified or knocked up, use Tyrant’s Rage to cluster the heroes together and stun them.

Let your allies do the rest of the damage. You should use Bouncing Ball to deal extra damage but it’s best used to prevent heroes from escaping.

The Best Items for Khufra

When selecting his items and equipment, you should focus on making Khufra as durable as possible. This means fortifying his physical and magical defense with an eye toward the enemies you will be facing.

Equip the Warrior Boots to give Khufra the defense boost he needs during early clashes in a match. You might also consider Rapid Boots, which allow you to chase down heroes easily.

As is the case with most tanks, Khufra will need roaming equipment. In this case, his Warrior Boots need to be coupled with Conceal. This active ability gives Khufra and those around him a temporary speed boost. Most importantly, it renders him invisible for a short period, thus allowing you to catch the enemy off-guard easily.

Your next item should be Dominance Ice. Khufra is mostly going to be in the middle of the enemy team during the battle, so he can weaken opponents with Dominance Ice’s passive effect, which reduces the HP and Shield Regeneration of nearby enemy heroes. The item also gives him a 10% cooldown reduction.

As with most tanks, Khufra benefits from the extra sustain capacity and extra life that Immortality brings. This should be next in your build after equipping Khufra’s boots and Dominance Ice.

Another good item to give Khufra is Cursed Helmet. This allows him to be more effective when it comes to clearing enemy waves during the early game.

The rest of Khufra’s items should be focused on building physical or magical defense. You don’t need to worry about building his health pool because Khufra has a massive health pool already.

Extra Tips for Khufra

Focus on pushing heroes towards walls because the stun effect is a helpful crowd-control technique in clashes. If there aren’t walls nearby, try to pull in the main DPS heroes of the enemy team toward your allies.

Bouncing Ball is not only an ability that’s great for crowd control and damage but also a good means to escape from enemy heroes as well. Keep in mind that Khufra is generally slower while in ball form.

Khufra works well in the role of a ganker. Use bushes to your advantage and try not to take enemies head-on. As a tank, you should also use Tyrant’s Revenge to drop in and check on bushes to prevent enemy ganks.

When you can, try to smash enemy heroes towards turrets. This will deal massive damage because the stun will keep them from escaping the wrath of the turrets.

These tips will allow you to become a better Khufra user. Of course, it takes practice to hone your skills. Khufra is a skill-reliant hero, so mastering his three active abilities can turn the tide in your team’s favor. Share your favorite Khufra tips and tactics in the comments.

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