How to Get Yoda Skin in Mobile Legends


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular mobile MOBAs, and its popularity is only strengthened by its various collaborations and events. To commemorate Star Wars Day (May 4), MLBB has released a few Star Wars-inspired skins for existing characters. The event is considered one of the best slam dunks for MLBB, and players were eager to get their hands on these exclusive skins.

How to Get Yoda Skin in Mobile Legends

However, that might be more difficult than you may think. This article will explain the details of the MLBB Star Wars event and how players got the Yoda skin.

MLBB Getting Yoda Skin

The exclusive Yoda skin for Cyclops was only available through the Star Wars collaboration event. During the event, players could receive Galactic credits from their hero draws. Because the first draw each day had a 50% discount, players could accumulate a decent number of Galactic Credits to use in the shop.

Both Yoda and Darth Vader skins (a skin for Argus) were 700 Galactic Credits.

Note that the skins were also available through the in-game random draw. Players who had accumulated enough currency to use it on draws could chance upon these skins if they already had a decent collection at the start.

Unfortunately, the event was not global. Only players from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan had access to the event-exclusive content.


Is Yoda Skin Available in MLBB?

The skin was a part of a limited-time event and was available from July 10 to August 8, 2021. If you didn’t get a chance to receive the Star Wars event skins during that time, your only option is to wait to see if the event comes back. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the devs will repeat this event.

With so many events occurring throughout the year, MLBB has one of the most prolific custom content for players to enjoy. A new event is usually just around the corner, with new options to spend your hard-earned in-game currency.


Is There a Way to Hack the Yoda Skin in MLBB?

If you didn’t get your Yoda skin during the event, there’s still one option available. However, this is considered highly dangerous and requires thorough research.

You can insert the Yoda skin as a script into your game to overlay the original game files. This script effectively changes the base version of Cyclops to display the Yoda skin and special effects. By changing your local game files, you won’t affect other players in the game, meaning that they’ll see the ‘regular’ Cyclops on their end.

Changing your local game file script doesn’t pose much of a problem in gameplay because the graphics effects are mostly alike and sometimes more noticeable when using the Yoda skin. Changing the game files is still considered highly risky, though. Many files posing as scripts are actually viruses that steal your data. So, consider dealing with scripts as a last resort.

Getting New Skins in MLBB

With a plethora of unique available skins with every event, Mobile Legends is one of the most generous games of the genre. However, you don’t need cosmetics to improve your gameplay, and they should always come secondary to getting better at the game.

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