The Sims 4: How to Cook with Other Sims


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The Sims 4’s July base game update introduced new mechanics and quality-of-life upgrades. One of these new features is a delightful addition some players might not have noticed due to the boatload of activities you can do in this game.

The Sims 4: How to Cook with Other Sims

Cooking is one of the most prominent facets of The Sims. It is a skill used to satisfy Sims’ hunger, and it is widely known to cause a lot of fire-related accidents in their homes.

The update has given a fresh lick of paint on cooking as we can now make Sims gather around to prepare a meal, and this is what we will explore in this guide today.

Cooking solo

CookingW Cooking1

You have probably cooked on your own in this game a thousand times before, but let’s have a rundown of the information we know about cooking so far.

We are all familiar with the fact that we need a refrigerator, a counter, and a stove to cook. Cooking can cost you money, although you can also plant seeds and harvest crops to minimize expenses.

The number of dishes you can cook depends on your skill level and the Expansion Packs installed. Additionally, the quality of your dish also affects the moodlet of your Sims, so having at least one Sim in your household who has maxed out their cooking skill is a necessity.

CookingW Cooking2

Head over to your kitchen to start cooking by yourself. Click on the refrigerator or the stove and choose the meal you want to make. Wait for your Sim to prepare it on the counter and cook the meal on the stove.

Sims can also do trick moves while cooking to give the dishes their spin. Some gutsy, low-level skilled Sims try tossing their pan and playing tricks with a spatula, causing them to hurt themselves and have a negative moodlet or even start a fire.

Cooking with another Sim

CookingW Others1

Cooking with another Sim allows them to bond together as a clique or a family. With this, your Sims can build relationships, enhance their skills, and even increase the portion of their group meal. Your Sims can also gain a new Sentiment as they cook together with a group of people.

CookingW Others2

To cook with another Sim, go to the kitchen, click the refrigerator or the stove, click “cook together with…” then select a Sim you would like to cook a dish with.

You can select up to five Sims to prepare a meal together as long as they are within the vicinity of your lot.

Cooking with kids

CookingW Kids

Like cooking with adult Sims, clicking the “cook together with…” action bubble and choosing the profile icon of the children would invite them to cook with an adult.

Children often get minimal tasks like mixing a bowl of ingredients or kneading dough. Adult Sims even have the sense to forbid them from getting too close to the stove.

While adult Sims can gain Cooking skill points from this activity, children get an upgrade point in their Mental skills which will vastly contribute to their future aspirations and adult skills like Logic and Rocket Science.

What are your thoughts on this new group activity? Do you find this as nifty and wholesome as we do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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