Netflix Gives First Look at Sonic Prime Series



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Sonic the Hedgehog had made a splash in theaters earlier this year, but it looks like SEGA’s favorite mascot is set to come to streaming as well.

Netflix Gives First Look at Sonic Prime Series

In a recent look at Netflix’s After School material, a short teaser has been dropped for Sonic Prime. Watch this till the end:

Like many other cartoon properties, we should probably expect Sonic Prime to take place in its own timeline, with only some influence from the hit films. Besides the cartoon look of Sonic, you can tell that they got a voice actor that kind of sounds like Ben Schwartz.

While I would be completely fine if there were no human characters, I think it would be great if the series could function as an introduction to the franchise for younger fans. After all, kids have yet to really dig into the colourful cast of Sonic characters that weren’t in the films. Maybe this could be a new medium for fans to meet Sonic’s edgy rival Shadow the Hedgehog?

While video game adaptations usually don’t do well in cinemas, Sonic the Hedgehog has managed to miraculously thrive—even releasing right before the pandemic lockdowns. We don’t know how long the reboot is set to run, but as long as Sonic is fun for kids, I’m sure this incarnation is going to stay for a good long while.

No release date has been set for Sonic Prime, but you can watch out for it on Netflix.

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