Neverwinter Returns to Sharandar for a Three-Episode Module, Launches March 16th on PS5, PS4


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Players will be returning to Sharandar in a brand new, revamped version of the mystical land in a three-episode module that begins on PC now, and on consoles from March 16th.

Neverwinter Returns to Sharandar for a Three-Episode Module, Launches March 16th on PS5, PS4

Sharandar, as avid Neverwinter players will remember, first appeared in Neverwinter’s very first module, Fury of the Feywile, which released all the way back in 2013.
The return to Sharandar starts with Episode 1: The Iron Tooth. The first episode in the three-part arc brings the Ruins of Malabog adventure zone, New Sharandar social hub, Vault of Stars end-game dungeon, and a slew of enemies and rewards to kill and collect. The second part, Episode 2: The Soul Keeper, will continue the arc in May.

“The Iron Tooth strikes a balance between new and old, as it not only preserves the spirit of Sharandar that Neverwinter fans have come to love, but also brings several new features that all adventurers will enjoy,” said Chris Whiteside, Neverwinter’s executive producer. “The Neverwinter community has asked for more evolving worlds to explore, so we’re very excited for adventurers to enter the mystical lands of the Fey once again like never before.”

Players will also discover that deep in the forest, a coven of ancient hags have claimed the lands around Sharandar and gathered scattered bands of Malabog’s minions and other creatures long ignored by the Fey courts. In The Iron Tooth, players must band together to enter the lair of the foul Annis Hag, the first of Sharandar’s three menacing hags, in the Ruins of Malabog. To stand a chance against the hags in each episode of Sharandar, players need to enter the Vault of Stars to steal a fragment of the powerful Night Diamond from the Queen of Air and Darkness, an entity of great power.

Episode 1: The Iron Tooth introduces plenty of playable content and exciting updates for PC players to explore. A full list of game features released with today’s update includes:

  • Ruins of Malabog Adventure Zone – Explore the Ruins of Malabog, where the remnants of Malabog’s army have joined forces with minions of the Annis Hag. Together, these brutal and murderous creatures have begun terrorizing the lands of Sharandar once again.

  • New Sharandar Social Hub – The Iliyanbruen elves of New Sharandar have taken the time after King Malabog’s defeat to rebuild their stronghold, making it a haven for travelers and fey creatures alike.

  • Annis Hag Lair – The foul Annis Hag has made a lair for herself in the Ruins of Malabog. Do you dare enter its depth to confront this horrid hag?

  • Vault of Stars End-Game Dungeon – The Gloaming Court is ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness, a formless entity of great power. But she keeps within the Vault of Stars a powerful magical item known as the Night Diamond. Could this be the key to defeating the hags?

While pushing back the darkness in the epic new Sharandar campaign in Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, players can also earn new rewards including the Forest Guardian’s armor set, the Sparkling Fey Emblem artifact and the Blink Dog companion.

The next two episodes, Episode 2: The Soul Keeper and Episode 3: The Odious Court will continue the story of Neverwinter: Sharandar. Players will have the chance to experience the transformation of Sharandar as they take on the sinister hags revealed in the first episode and push back the darkness. More details, including features, for these episodes will be revealed soon.

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