Nick Offerman Appears in New Teaser for The Last of Us Episode 3



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We know that The Last of Us is primarily the story between Joel and Ellie, but the two run into all kinds of characters in their journey. One character, Bill, is played by Nick Offerman, and the preview for episode 3 gives us a teaser of Bill’s episode.

Nick Offerman Appears in New Teaser for The Last of Us Episode 3

Check this out:

Bill and Frank had been teased since the first episode, and now we’re actually going to get to meet them. Though gamers only met Bill after he had his falling out with Frank, it’s said that the show is going to be completely telling the story of the two, from the time that they met, to them eventually going their separate ways.

Since we see Bill pretty clean cut when he’s talking to Joel, I think we can assume that this is going to be a flashback. With Tess signing off in the last episode, it’s going to be great to see possibly see her again; probably in some teaser to really emphasize how her death has affected Joel.

The preview also teases the danger of raiders this time. With Tess falling to a horde of infected, it’s time for the series to lean in on how dangerous regular humans in this world are as well. Personally I just want to see more of these cordyceps origin clips.

Catch new episodes of The Last of Us on HBO Max every Sunday night. The Last of Us games are currently available on PlayStation.

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