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The Hypotasis bosses in Genshin Impact are very similar in fighting style and mechanics. Some of very challenging to beat, while others are easier.

Genshin Impact Geo Hypotasis | How To Kill Geo Hypostasis

Nonetheless, there is a particular boss Geo Hypostasis, which is considered to be one of the easier ones to defeat in this game. Even though it’s an elite boss, you can easily manage to overcome it.

Worry not because we are sharing how to kill Geo Hypostasis the easiest way.

How to Kill Geo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

To initiate a fight with this diamond-like boss, you will need to find it first. Here is where you can find it:

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting rewards you can get by killing this creature. Some have a big drop chance, while others are much rarer drops.

It differs in fighting style only a bit, because it uses pillars to be invulnerable and channel attacks. So, you will have to get a bit creative with the pillars.

Here is how to kill Geo Hypostasis:

  • Use a ranged character:

To attack this high-mass structure, use a ranged character. Preferably, a one with a bow. It’s good to get some damage off while being far away.

  • Switching characters:

After you do a bit of damage to it, it will build pillars on the platforms surrounding it. It will stand above one of the structures, and you can’t deal much damage when it’s in this state.

So, switch to a close-range hero and destroy the pillar.

  • Upon destroying pillars:

After you destroy some pillars, the diamond-like boss will come to the ground. Get a close-range hero and do combos on it, this is the time whet the boss is most vulnerable.

  • Tanky:

Get some tanky party members for destroying the pillars. There will be AOE attacks around it.

  • Sustenance:

Get a lot of food for buffs and HP before initiating a fight.

Technically, this is one of those bosses which you can use almost any character with success. So, whenever you are ready you can travel here and challenge it. Good luck!

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