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ChainGuardians is one of the latest NFT games to hit the market. With a good ecosystem and a simple gameplay loop, it should be one of the games under your radar. We know why you are here, though, and you probably want a hand at the game’s play-2-earn mechanics. The good news is that this system is very much alive in the game.

How Does Play-To-Earn Work In ChainGuardians

While you will not make millions from this game, you can still earn a decent amount with hard work. Aside from an addictive gameplay loop and many characters to collect, ChainGuardians also gives you access to a decent play-to-earn mechanic. Here is how the play-to-earn mechanics in the game works.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics In ChainGuardians

As of now, there are currently two play-to-earn mechanics in the game. The first one is simple and direct to the point. Play the game’s RPG model, and that is it. There are multiple ways to enjoy the game. The primary PVE mode pits you against waves of enemy AI. Completing levels in these will reward you with resources that, in turn, let you unlock more characters for your team. Eventually, you can open Guardians as well.

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Another aspect of the game you can put your hand on is PVP mode. Before diving into PVP, ensure you have a strong team already, as many players in the game have already invested a lot of time and money. Do not worry; if you play the PVE aspect long enough, you can eventually catch up with other players.

The best way to earn currently is by getting as many Guardians as possible and then selling them to other players. By playing the game’s PVE or the PVP aspect, you can earn many rewards, including the in-game currency CGC. Combined with NFTs generated while playing, CGC can be sold for a decent profit.

The other earning mechanic can be found in the ChainGuardians mini-game global wars. In this game, you will stake up to 9 of your NFTs, and each will be assigned a rate. The better your NFT, the higher the rate will be, thus allowing you to get more CGC. Simply put, you are staking your NFTs to help mine CGC in the game.

Of course, the best way to earn is to dip your toes into both game mechanics. As with most NFT games, you earn more from ChainGuardians if you invest more.

What is excellent about ChainGuardians is that it is still a relatively new game. There could be more ways to earn from the title in the future, but that all depends on the developer’s plans for the game. They plan to add a better in-game economy in the future, and once that arrives, you can expect even more ways to earn generously from the game.

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