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Rosaria is known for her sharp, cold words and manner and is someone who prefers to work alone. She also displays less reverence towards the gods than ordinary citizens and is rarely seen in the Cathedral. When she is, it is in the rearmost pew, smoking. If it were not for her outfit, one would not believe that she is one of the sisters of Mondstadt’s Church of Favonius.

How to Play Rosaria in Genshin Impact

This unorthodox church member has been lectured many times for her transgressions, including not working with her church colleagues and rarely showing up at celebratory events in the city. But this mysterious nun is dedicated to personally doing the dark work that should not see the light of day.

One of Mondstadt’s formidable purveyors of justice, Rosaria, grew up with bandits when they took her in after destroying her village in the mountains. She has done odd jobs and learned how to fight at a very young age, and growing up was a constant battle for survival against hunger and the cold. When the Knights of Favonius wiped the bandit crew out, Rosaria was given a chance of rehabilitation and was taken to Mondstadt.

The Cryo Vision Rosaria owns appeared to her on the night she attempted to flee from the bandits. The gang elder who took her from her village pursued her and challenged her to combat. After defeating the gang elder, Rosario was gifted the Cyro Vision she currently owns.

How to Get Rosaria

As a 4-star character added to the game as a permanent item, there will always be a small chance of getting Rosaria when you make wishes on all Wish Banners of Genshin Impact. With Primogems, Acquaint Fates, and Intertwined Fates, you can make wishes on the Standard and Character Event Wish Banners to get her.

The best time to make wishes if you aim to get Rosaria is to do it on the Character Wish Banner when she is one of the featured characters. This is because there will be an increased chance of receiving her.

Please see our guide about acquiring characters in Genshin Impact by clicking here.

Rosaria is one of the few characters who had their outfits redesigned. In most servers, players will choose between the original design and the new one. 

Under Outfit are the available outfit designs for Rosaria. The old one is called Executor’s Thorns, while the newly designed outfit is To The Church’s Free Spirit. You can change outfits by going to the characters’ information and pressing the Dressing Room button.

Select the outfit you would like Rosaria to wear, and click the Switch button below.

Team Role and Party Composition

Support, DPS, or Hybrid?

Rosaria’s kit may seem to focus on dealing damage to opponents, but some of her talents and constellation levels will help boost the overall damage of her party members.

Making Rosaria a DPS character will give you a choice to go Cryo or Physical attacks. For a Cryo elemental type DPS Rosaria, the playstyle should involve spamming her elemental skill and elemental burst to deal more Cryo damage to the opponents.

When paired with other Cryo DPS characters like Ayaka, Ganyu, and Eula, Rosaria can be a battery that helps them quickly regenerate energy for their elemental bursts. Rosaria’s Critical Rate buff plus the effects of Shattering Ice Cryo Elemental Resonance, the team will have a great boost to their Critical Rate.

The Physical type DPS Rosaria will need to make many normal attacks to maximize this stat.

Of course, it is never wrong to go with a hybrid build where Rosaria can dish decent damage to the enemies while providing just enough stat boosts for the team.

Talents and Play Style

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Spear of the Church

With this talent, Rosaria will use her spear to perform up to 5 consecutive strikes when the button is pressed multiple times.

When you press and hold the button for this move, Rosaria will lunge forward to deal damage to the opponents.

If you use this attack while Rosaria is gliding or jumping from a certain height, she will plunge from mid-air to strike the ground below. This attack will also damage the opponents and deal with AOE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Ravaging Confession

Rosaria’s elemental skill will allow her to shift her position to appear behind the target opponent and then stabs and slashes them with her spear. This attack will do a total of 2 strikes that deal Cryo elemental damage.

However, the Ravaging Confession cannot be used to travel behind opponents of a larger build.

Elemental Burst: Rites of Termination

Rites of Termination is a prayer ritual, and Rosaria has a unique take on it. First, she will swing her polearm to slash surrounding enemies and then summon a frigid Ice Lance that will strike the ground. The Ice Lance will stay on the field for a short time, and while active, it will periodically release a blast of cold air, which will deal Cryo damage to surrounding opponents.

Passive Talents

Regina Probationum

With this talent unlocked at Rosaria’s first ascension phase, her Critical Rate will be increased by 12% for 5 seconds when striking an opponent from behind using her elemental skill Ravaging Confession.

Shadow Samaritan

At level 60, you will be able to ascend Rosaria to her fourth character ascension phase, and with it, the passive talent Shadow Samaritan will be unlocked.

With this talent active, whenever Rosaria casts her elemental burst Rites of Termination, the characters in the party, except Rosaria, will have their Critical Rate increased by 15% of Rosaria’s Total Critical Rate. But the Critical Rate bonus gained from Rites of Termination cannot exceed 15%.

This passive talent is the first reason Rosaria can be a support character because the DPS character in your team needs more Critical Rate. Rosaria can provide up to 15% of it temporarily.

Night Walk

Rosaria’s default passive talent is called Night Walk, which increases the movement speed of all the characters in her team by 10%.

However, this will only take effect at night between 18:00 and 6:00 in-game time. This bonus will also be deactivated inside Domains, Trounce Domains, or Spiral Abyss.

Constellation: Spinea Corona

Constellation Level 1: Unholy Revelation

Rosaria’s first constellation level is called Unholy Revelation, which increases her attack speed and normal attack damage by 10% for 4 seconds whenever any of her attacks trigger a critical hit.

This buff increases Rosaria’s overall damage output and potential as a DPS character.

Constellation Level 2: Land Without Promise

With this second constellation level unlocked, the Ice Lance created by Rosaria’s elemental burst—Rites of Termination, can stay on the field for an additional 4 seconds. This makes the Ice Lance last for 12 seconds at talent level 1.

Constellation Level 3: The Wages of Sin

Unlocking Rosaria’s third constellation level will increase the level of her elemental skill, Ravaging Confession, by three and upgrade its maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 4: Painful Grace

The fourth constellation level of Spinea Corona is called Painful Grace, and with this active, Rosaria will regenerate five energy when her elemental skill, Ravaging Confession, triggers a critical hit.

This effect, however, can only be triggered once each time the elemental skill talent is cast.

Constellation Level 5: Last Rites

When Last Rites—the fifth level of the Spinea Corona constellation—will increase the level of Rites of Terminations, which is Rosaria’s elemental burst. The talent will also be upgraded to have a maximum level of 15 from the original 10.

Constellation Level 6: Divine Retribution

Rosaria’s final constellation level is called Divine Retribution, and it decreases the opponent’s resistance to Physical attacks when the Rites of Termination hits. The Physical resistance debuff is 20%, lasting for 10 seconds.

The effect of this constellation will boost the entire party’s damage against the target enemy. It is an upgrade that makes Rosaria good at being both a DPS and a support character.

How to Build Rosaria

As a hybrid of a DPS and a support character, the stat to build Rosaria depends on your play style and the role you prefer her to be.

For a support type, you need to have an 80% to 100% Critical Rate for Rosaria so that the Critical Rate Bonus that her party gets from her elemental burst will be the maximum amount of 15%.

If you plan to build a DPS Rosaria, you can prioritize either Cryo damage or Physical damage. But if you have unlocked Rosaria’s final constellation, you should choose Physical damage over Cryo damage to maximize the effect of Divine Retribution.

Like all other DPS characters, the next stat to focus on is the Critical Rate and Critical Damage for both Cryo and Physical types. Also, make sure to have at least 2,000 ATK for Rosaria.

Weapon: Polearm

5-star Polearms

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (PJWS) is the most flexible polearm for characters that lean towards being a damage dealer.

With Rosaria’s playstyle, which is high-speed normal attack combos, she will easily trigger the maximum stack of the PJWS’s passive effect.

Since the secondary of the PJWS is the Critical Rate bonus, Rosaria’s support skill can benefit from it.

Calamity Queller

With this weapon’s ATK secondary stat Rosaria’s maximum ATK will be greatly increased, and her elemental damage will also be increased by 12%. This makes this a great option for a DPS-type Rosaria.

As part of this polearm’s passive effect, every time Rosaria uses her elemental skill, she will obtain Consummation, which increases her ATK by 3.2% for 20 seconds. Consummation can be stacked up to 6 times, and with a 6-second cooldown on Rosaria’s elemental skill, the maximum stack of Consummation can be obtained.

The staff of Homa and Vortex Vanquisher

If you have the Staff of Homa or the Vortex Vanquisher and do not have any other characters to use these weapons, you can let Rosaria have them. The passive effects may not be appropriately utilized and could even get wasted, but these 5-star weapons will boost Rosaria’s stat with its Base ATK and secondary stat.

4-Star Polearms


This Battle Pass polearm is known for the high Critical Rate bonus it gives as a secondary stat. It can give a 36.8% Critical Rate at weapon level 90, much higher than the 22.1% that the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear gives.

This is the suggested weapon for a support type Rosaria so she can provide the highest possible Critical Rate her party can get.

Blackcliff Pole

The Blackcliff Polespear is one of the best 4-star options for a DPS polearm user because its secondary stat gives a Critical Damage Bonus. It also gives more attack bonuses when the weapon’s character defeats an enemy.

With Rosaria’s fast-speed attacks and easy-to-spam elemental skill, using the Blackcliff Pole in situations with smaller and weaker enemies will maximize the weapon’s features.

This 4-star polearm can only be obtained by exchanging Masterless Starglitters in the Paimon’s Bargains shop.

Crescent Pike and Dragonspine Spear

These two polearms increase the user’s physical damage, meaning the normal attacks of a melee character. They are good options for Rosaria, especially a DPS type that focuses on making a lot of normal attacks.

These spears are also good for free-to-play players because you can craft them via the city smithy.

Artifacts for Rosaria

Since Rosaria’s support to the team is providing Critical Rate, and with the currently available artifact sets in the game, there is not that much difference between the artifacts to equip a DPS and a support type Rosaria.

Noblesse Oblige

For the support type Rosaria, the Noblesse Oblige is probably the best 4-piece set you can equip her with.

Above the elemental burst damage bonus given by this artifact’s 2-piece set, the 4-piece set effect will give the entire party an additional ATK of 20%. This will allow Rosaria to provide two kinds of buffs to the entire party.

Blizzard Strayer

This artifact set is easily the best choice for a Cryo DPS character. Its 2-piece set gives a 15% Cryo damage bonus, and the 4-piece set will increase the character’s Critical Rate against opponents that are either affected by Cryo or Frozen.

Against opponents affected by Cryo, the Critical Rate bonus is 20%, and if the opponent is frozen, the bonus will be increased by an additional 20%.

Gladiator’s Finale

For the play style of both support and DPS Rosaria, using the 4-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale is a good choice. Aside from the 18% ATK that the 2-piece set gives, the normal attack damage of a polearm, sword, or claymore user will be increased by 35%.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Like the Gladiator’s Finale, the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence gives an 18% ATK bonus if the character wears two pieces of this set. If four pieces are equipped, after Rosaria uses an elemental skill and has 15 or more energy, she will lose 15 energy points, and her normal, charged and plunged attacks will gain a damage boost of 50%.

With the 4-piece set of this artifact used, you need to cast Rosaria’s elemental skill whenever the cooldown is complete.

Echoes of an Offering

The 2-piece set of this artifact, like the two above, gives an 18% ATK bonus. If a 4-piece set is equipped, when normal character attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance it will trigger the Valley Rite buff. This buff will increase the normal attack damage by 70% of the character’s ATK.

Rosaria’s combat style, which involves a lot of quick normal attacks, can easily trigger the Valley Rite buff.

2-Piece Artifact Sets Combined

Since farming for artifacts will take you time and a lot of Resin, getting the perfect set is never easy. However, you can always check the ones you already have and see what works for Rosaria.

The Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, Echoes of an Offering, Vermillion Hereafter, and Noblesse Oblige give an 18% ATK bonus with its 2-piece sets, which can be paired with the 2-piece set of the Blizzard Strayer.

These artifact sets can also be combined, and you will still get decent stats and damage output for your Rosaria.

Artifact Main Stats

For a support build, prioritize the Critical Rate bonus on the Circlet of Logos if you still need to build the 100% maximum amount so that Rosaria can provide the highest buff for the party. If your Rosaria already has enough Critical Rate, go for either ATK or Critical Damage on this artifact piece.

For a DPS-type Rosaria, you should equip her with a Goblet of Eonothem with Cryo Damage Bonus as its main stat. If you have unlocked her last constellation level and want her to be a Physical type DPS, then Physical Damage Bonus should be the main stat of the Goblet of Eonothem.

The Circlet of Logos should have either Critical Rate or Critical Damage as its main stat for the DPS build.

Ascension Materials

To level up and build Rosaria to be the character that you want, you will need to ascend her to 6 ascension phases. And each ascension will need ascension materials that will increase in number and rarity in every phase.

Shivada Jade Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones

They can be obtained from boss enemies that use the Cryo element. You can also get these as rewards from quests and purchase them from the city jewelry or souvenir shops or Paimon’s Bargains shop.

Crafting is also an excellent option to get a Shivada Jade mineral crystal. You can use the lower quality or rarity to craft a higher quality.

Hoarfrost Core

This material is the exposed core of a Cryo Regisvine and can only be obtained by defeating one. You will need 46 Hoarfrost Core to max out Rosaria’s level.


The Valberry is a plump and translucent berry that can only be found in the Anemo nation. This Mondstadt local special has a fragrant smell and sweet, refreshing taste.

Fatui Recruit’s, Sergeant’s, and Lieutenant’s Insignia

These are insignias worn by Fatui members, and their varying shapes and color will help identify the rank of the members and distinguish them from one another.

You can obtain these insignias by defeating Fatui Skirmishers, Agents, and Electro Cicin Mages. It can also be purchased from Paimon’s Bargains shop in exchange for Masterless Stardusts.

Insignia’s with higher rarity can also be crafted using the ones with lower rarity.

Talent Level-Up Materials

Building a character includes increasing the level of their combat talents, and each level will require certain items as materials for the leveling up process.

Aside from Mora and Fatui insignias, Rosaria will need a few Shadow of the Warrior to level up her combat talents.

The Shadow of the Warrior is a fragment of the power of the Eleventh Harbinger from when he unleashed the might of his Delusion. This item can be obtained when you defeat Tartaglia, AKA Childe, in the Golden House Trounce Domain challenge.

The talent books you will need for Rosaria to master her combat talents are the ones of the “Ballad” series, which you can obtain from the Forsaken Rift Domain of Mastery: Realm of Slumber.

The books include the Teachings of Ballad, Guide to Ballad, and the Philosophies of Ballad. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

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