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Xiangling is a young lady passionate about cooking and excels in making her signature hot and spicy dishes. She is a renowned chef in Liyue and is both the chef and waitress of the famous Wanmin Restaurant. Getting inside the eatery will have Xiangling greet you with “Sit anywhere you like. I can make whatever you want, even if it is not on the menu!”

How to Play Xiangling in Genshin Impact

This young and passionate chef has an unconventional cooking process. After getting tired of the forever-ongoing war between the Li and Yue cuisines, she decided to make super-delicious dishes out of any ingredient. She even has destroyed countless wok in her time.

Despite using weird ingredients like slime, Horsetail, and hilichurl clubs, nothing happened to Xiangling when she tried her dishes. After sampling every dish in Liyue, Xiangling’s culinary skills drastically improved, and her spicy specialty dishes earned the praise of even her father, a veteran chef with over two decades of experience.

A mysterious creature has been following Xiangling, which she named Guoba after her favorite childhood snack. She found it in a cave where she took shelter from a sudden downpour. Xiangling gave it food, which has followed her since, drawing to her cooking.

Xiangling earned the approval of a Vision by wholeheartedly shouldering, and straightforwardly, the idea that you can make something super delicious out of any kind of ingredient. Even when she would make dishes that could be called “horrifying,” her desire to keep trying to match ingredients would never go to waste. Her Vision proves that even the gods approve of her innocent and persistent heart, thinking that there were no good or bad ingredients as long as they were not poisonous.


How to Get Xiangling

Xiangling is one of the four starting characters you can get as you progress through the main story at the early levels of the game. You must reach the Adventure Rank 20 to unlock the Spiral Abyss Event, People’s Choice. This means that you can get her for free.

The said event requires you to complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of the Spiral Abyss Challenge to get the “Exquisite Delicacy” Xiangling. After doing so, Xiangling will now be one of the characters you own.

The easiest guaranteed way to unlock the constellations of Xiangling is to save up on Masterless Starglitters and exchange 34 of them for one character item: Xiangling from the Paimon’s Bargains shop. But this shop will only have two characters available each month, and these characters are randomly selected.

Please see our guide on the topic to learn more about acquiring characters in Genshin Impact by clicking this link.

Team Role and Playstyle

Main DPS

Xiangling’s kit is designed to damage the opponents. Therefore her role is mainly to be the DPS character of the team. She can either be Physical Type or Pyro Elemental Type, but the latter will maximize her capabilities.

As a Pyro user, she also either applies Pyro for Elemental Reaction damage or triggers the reaction using her element after a character in her team applies Cryo, Hydro, or Electro to the opponent. On the other hand, the Physical Type focuses on normal attack combos and almost ignores her elemental skill and elemental burst talents.

Pyro Sub or Off-Field DPS

As a sub-DPS or off-field DPS, Xianling’s play style will be to summon Guoba and her Pyronado and then switch back to the team’s main DPS. These two attacks deal Pyro damage; thus, focusing on elemental damage is best for this role.


Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Dough-Fu

This allows Xiangling to use her polearm to perform up to five consecutive spear strikes.

When the button of this attack is held down, Xiangling will lunge forward to deal damage to the opponents along the way. Using the attack in this manner will deal higher damage but consume a certain amount of Stamina.

If this attack is used mid-air, Xiangling will spin and strike the ground below, damaging the opponents along the path. The impact will deal AOE damage.

Elemental Skill: Guoba Attack

Using this talent will have Xiangling summon Guoba, who will continuously breathe fire at the opponents. This attack will deal with AOE Pyro Damage.

Elemental Burst: Pyronado

This skill will have Xianglling display her mastery over fire and polearms as she swirls her weapon until a Pyronado starts whirling around her. The Pyronado will remain until duration and will move with your active character. It will deal Pyro Damage to all opponents in its path.

Passive Talents


This passive talent enhances Xiangling’s elemental skill talent. With this unlocked, the range of the flame that Guoba breathes is increased by 20%.

Beware, It’s Super Hot!

Xiangling’s second passive talent will grant additional features to her elemental skill. With this unlocked, when Gouba Attack’s effect ends, the cute companion will leave a chili pepper on the spot where it disappeared.

The character who picks up the chili pepper will have their ATK increased by 10% for 10 seconds.

Utility Passive: Chef de Cuisine

As a master chef, Xiangling’s utility passive will aid your team when cooking. If you have Xiangling, whenever you cook dishes that boost ATK, you can select her so that you will gain 12% of receiving double of that product.

Constellation: Trulla

Constellation Level 1: Crispy Outside, Tender Inside

In the first level, Xiangling’s constellation enhances the effect of her elemental skill. With this unlock, the opponents hit by Guoba’s attacks will have their Pyro Resistance reduced by 15% for 6 seconds.

This makes having Guoba breathe fire to the opponents first before throwing your team’s most potent Pyro attacks.

Constellation Level 2: Oil Meets Fire

This constellation level of Trulla will grant a new effect to Xiangling’s normal attack combo. When this is unlocked, the last hit in Xiangling’s typical attack sequence will apply for the Implode status onto the opponent for 2 seconds.

When the duration of Implode ends, an explosion will occur, dealing AOE Pyro Damage in the amount of 75% of Xiangling’s ATK. This effect suggests that you complete Xiangling’s normal attack sequence when you attack.

Constellation Level 3: Deepfry

The third level of Xiangling’s constellation will increase the level of her elemental burst by three and then upgrade its maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 4: Slowbake

This fourth level of Xiangling’s constellation will enhance her elemental burst. The original duration of Pyranado is 10 seconds, but with this constellation level unlocked, it will be extended by 40%.

Constellation Level 5: Guoba Mad

The fifth level of Xiangling’s constellation will increase the level of her elemental skill by three and then upgrade its maximum level from 10 to 15.

Constellation Level 6: Condensed Pyronado

Trulla’s final constellation level will further boost the effect of Xiangling’s elemental burst. With this constellation level, as long as Pyronado is active, all party members will receive a 15% Pyro Damage Bonus.

How to Build Xiangling

Since Xiangling is a character designed to deal damage as your main DPS or sub-DPS, the focus on building her is to increase her damage output. With her play style, which is a rotation of normal attacks, elemental skill, and elemental burst, you can choose to prioritize increasing either her Pyro Damage or her Physical Damage.

Weapons and artifacts that can boost her normal attacks, elemental skill, and burst must be considered. Make sure Xiangling has around 2,000 ATK and at least 70% Critical Rate before focusing on Critical Damage.

Pyro DPS – This build will maximize Xiangling’s kit, which is designed to deal Pyro damage to the surrounding opponents. You must consider artifacts and artifact set that grant Pyro Damage bonus and weapons with secondary stats and passive effects that increase her elemental damage and overall damage output.

Elemental Reaction Build – Pyro is a good triggering element for Elemental Reaction Damage, especially Melt. If you plan on an Elemental Reaction team where Xiangling triggers the Reaction, ensure she has a decent amount of Elemental Mastery.

Physical Build – If you plan on building a Physical Type Xiangling, weapons and artifacts that give a Physical Damage Bonus should be your priority. Elementa skill and elemental burst talents can be kept low and used as a utility rather than to deal damage. For her talents, you will need to solely focus on increasing the level of her Normal Attack talent.

Weapon: Polearm

The polearm is Xiangling’s weapon, and the ones you need to equip her should have Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Elemental Mastery, or Physical Damage bonus as its secondary stat. The last two work only when the build and play style you aim for needs them.

5-Star Polearms

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (PJWS) is the best weapon for Xiao and is considered his BiS (best in the slot) weapon. It is the most flexible polearm for characters that lean towards being a damage dealer.

Xiao’s play style is high-speed regular, charged, and plunging attack combos, which will quickly trigger the maximum PJWS’s passive effect stack. Since the secondary of the PJWS is the Critical Rate bonus, having this weapon will be easy to build the decent amount needed for consistent critical hits.

Staff of Homa

This 5-star polearm has a secondary stat of Critical Damage, which will quickly increase the overall output of any DPS character.

The Staff of Homa’s passive effect, called Reckless Cinnabar, increases the character’s HP by at least 20% and provides an ATK bonus based on the weapon user’s max HP. Another effect is that if the character’s remaining HP is below 50%, the ATK bonus will be increased by an additional percentage of the character’s max HP.

Calamity Queller

With this weapon’s secondary stat, Xiangling’s maximum ATK will be significantly increased, and his elemental damage will also be increased by 12%. This makes this an excellent option for a DPS polearm-type character.

As part of this polearm’s passive effect called Extinguishing Precept, every time Xiangling uses her elemental skill, she will obtain the Consummation, which will increase her ATK by 3.2% for 20 seconds. Consummation can be stacked up to 6 times, and with 12 seconds of relaxed down time of Xiangling’s elemental skill, a stack of 2 at least Consummations can be obtained.

Skyward Spine, Engulfing Lightning, and Vortex Vanquisher

These three polearms can still work with Xiangling due to their high Base ATK, given that they are 5-star weapons.

Skyward Spine and Engulfing Lightning both have Energy Recharge as their secondary stat. This is still useful for a sub-DPS or support type where Xiangling needs to have her Energy filled up most of the time to spam her elemental burst.

On the other hand, Vortex Vanquisher has ATK% as a secondary stat which can help boost the character’s ATK and overall damage. However, this polearm can only be maximized if a shield maker exists in the team.

4-Star Polearms


This Battle Pass polearm is known for the high Critical Rate bonus it gives as a secondary stat. It can provide a 36.8% Critical Rate at weapon level 90, much higher than the 22.1% that the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear gives.

This polearm can provide the highest possible Critical Rate from any polearm and can be considered the 4-star version of the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. It is an excellent alternative to a 5-star polearm if you are willing to spend real money and purchase the game’s Battle Pass.

Blackcliff Pole

The Blackcliff Pole spear is one of the best 4-star options for a DPS polearm user because its secondary stat gives a Critical Damage Bonus. It also provides more attack bonuses when the character using this weapon defeats an enemy.

With Xiangling’s high-speed attacks and easy-to-cast elemental skill, using the Blackcliff Pole in situations with smaller and weaker enemies will maximize the weapon’s features.

However, this 4-star polearm can only be obtained by exchanging Masterless Starglitters in Paimon’s Bargains shop.

Lithic Spear

This polearm is one of the 4-star weapons designed for characters from the Geo nation. It has a secondary stat of ATK% Bonus and a passive effect that increases the weapon wielder’s ATK and Critical Rate by specific percentages for every character in the party from Liyue. This passive effect can be stacked up to 4 times.

Since Xiangling is a character from Liyue, a single stack of Lithic Spear’s passive effect will be activated. The best way to maximize this weapon’s potential is to have other characters from Liyue in Xiangling’s party. You can have Zhongli or Xhinyan as shield makers, Qiqi as her healer, and Xingqiu or Yun Jin as damage supports.


This polearm also gives ATK% as its secondary stat. It has a passive effect called Watatsumi Wavewalker, which increases the damage of the weapon user’s elemental burst based on the maximum energy capacity of the party. For every point of the entire party’s combined energy capacity, at least a 0.12% increase in elemental burst damage is granted, and a maximum of 40% damage bonus can be achieved.

Royal Spear

ATK% is also the secondary stat of the Royal Spear. Its passive effect, Focus, will increase the character’s Critical Rate when dealing damage to an opponent, and a maximum of 5 stacks of this bonus can be gained. However, if the symbol triggers a critical hit, all stacks of the Critical Rate bonus will be removed.

Prototype Starglitter

This polearm is a decent weapon for Xiangling, especially when you cannot get any of the abovementioned ones. This can be obtained by crafting with the town smithy as long as you have the necessary materials.

This weapon’s secondary stat is Energy Recharge which can help Xiangling spam her elemental burst. This weapon’s passive effect increases the character’s average and charged attack after using an elemental skill. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times.

Crescent Pike and Dragonspine Spear

These two polearms have a secondary stat that gives a Physical Damage bonus, which is perfect for a Physical Build Xiangling.

Crescent Pike’s passive effect called Infusion Needle will increase the damage of the character’s regular and charged attacks by a certain percentage of their ATK whenever that character picks up an Elemental Orb or Elemental Particle. The effect of the Infusion Needle will last 5 seconds. This effect is perfect for the play style of a Physical Build Xiangling.

Dragonspine Spear, on the other hand, has Frost Burial as its passive effect. With this, hitting an opponent with regular and charged attacks has a chance of forming and dropping an Everfrost Icicle above them. The Everfrost Icicle deals with AOE damage equal to 80% of the character’s ATK.

If the attack that triggered Frost Burial hits opponents affected by Cryo, the damage to them equals 200% of the character’s ATK. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds.

Dragon’s Bane

This 4-star polearm is the perfect weapon for an Elemental Reaction type Xiangling, thanks to its secondary stat, which is Elemental Mastery. Bane of Flame and Water is its passive effect, which increases the character’s damage against opponents affected by Hydro or Pyro.

Since Xiangling uses the Pyro element, triggering the effect of Bane of Flame and Water is easy enough. This weapon will also boost the damage of the Reverse Vaporize elemental Reaction.


Crimson Witch of Flames

For a Pyro and elemental reaction, damage build or type Xiangling, you can have the 4-piece set of the Crimson Witch of Flames.

Over the 15% Pyro damage bonus effect of the 2-piece set, having four pieces of this artifact set will increase that bonus by 50% of its starting value after Xiangling uses her elemental skill.

Triggering an elemental reaction will also boost that damage when the 4-piece set of this artifact is equipped. The damage of Overloaded and Burning will be increased by 40%, while Vaporize and Melt damage will be increased by 15%.


The Lavawalker artifact is for the Pyro build Xiangling or any character that will throw a lot of Pyro attacks. However, this artifact only shines if a 4-piece set is equipped.

The 2-piece set of Lavawalker artifacts will only give a bonus of increased resistance to Pyro. If four pieces are equipped, aside from the 2-piece set effect, the character’s damage against opponents affected by Pyro will be increased by 35%.

It may seem that the 2-piece set is negligible, but if your character uses Pyro, the things around you can catch fire and then cause your character to get affected by Pyro. This is where the increased Pyro resistance bonus becomes useful.

Wanderer’s Troupe

This artifact gives the character a bonus of 80 Elemental Mastery, making it a good choice if you want to increase Xiangling’s elemental reaction damage. If four pieces of this set are equipped, the deterioration of the character’s charged attacks will also be increased by 35% only if they use a bow or a catalyst.

This is a good artifact set for an Elemental Reaction type Xiangling, but only the 2-piece set. The additional effect of the 4-piece set will not be triggered with Xiangling because her weapon does not fit the criteria.

Noblesse Oblige

The Noblesse Oblige is a good artifact set for an off-field type Xiangling with a play style that is more into throwing elemental burst attacks to the enemies.

With four pieces equipped, the damage of Xiangling’s elemental burst will be increased by 20%, and when she uses the talent, all party members will have an ATK boost of 20% for 12 seconds.

Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Since Xiangling’s play style alternates between elemental skill and charged attacks, the 4-piece set of this artifact can be a good choice.

Aside from the 18% increase in Xiangling’s ATK, when she has 15 or more energy, she will lose 15 more after using an elemental skill, but the damage of her ordinary, charged, and plunging attacks will be increased by 50% for 10 seconds.

Vermillion Hereafter

The 2-piece set of this artifact gives an 18% ATK bonus. With the 4-piece set, aside from the ATK% bonus, after the character uses an elemental burst, this character will gain the Nascent Light effect that increases ATK by 8% for 16 seconds.

When the character’s HP decreases, their ATK will increase by 10%. This further increase can be triggered once every 0.8 seconds and can be stacked up to 4 times. Nascent Light will be dispelled when the character leaves the field, and if an elemental burst is used again during its duration, the original Nascent Light will be dispelled and replaced by a new stack.

As a Pyro Vision character, Xiangling is prone to getting the Burn debuff from her elemental damage. As her HP reduces, the effect of this artifact can be triggered.

Combining 2-Piece Sets

Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, Vermillion Hereafter, and Noblesse Oblige

The 2-piece set of these artifacts can be combined with a 2-piece set of the Crimson Witch of Flames.

With the 2-piece Noblesse Oblige, aside from the bonus from Crimson Witch of Flames, Gladiator’s Finale, Shimenawa’s Reminiscence, and Vermillion Hereafter, you will also have a bounty of increased damage to elemental burst.

Artifact Parts’ Main Stat

Since Xiangling throws a lot of Pyro attacks, increasing her Pyro damage bonus should be considered. You can get a Goblet of Eonothem with the primary stat of Pyro damage bonus.

But suppose you are building a Physical Type Xiangling focusing on regular attack combos. In that case, your best option is a Goblet of Eonothem with a primary stat of Physical Damage bonus.

For the Circlet of Logos, it is always better to have one with either Critical Rate or Critical damage as the primary stat, depending on what Xiangling needs.

For the Elemental Reaction Type or Build, make sure to have a Circlet of Logos, Goblet of Eonothem, and Sands of Eon with Elemental Mastery as their primary stats.

Xiangling’s Character Ascension

What is Character Ascension in Genshin Impact

Each character has a sure-level cap depending on their current ascension phase, and a character can be ascended to 6 steps to reach the maximum character level of 90. Passive talents and unique ascension stats will also be unlocked when a character is mounted to specific phases.

Ascension Materials

Ascending a character will need several items to be used as ascension materials, and for Xiangling, the materials and the amount required for each ascension phase are listed below.

Mora: 420,000

Mora is Genshin Impact’s central currency unit. It is accepted in all the nations of Teyvat and is also used to upgrade weapons, artifacts, talents, and character levels.

Everflame Seed: 46

This material is a seed that emits Pyro energy and fuels the giant Pyro plant monster, which can only be obtained by defeating one. You can collect a few of these when you beat the Pyro Regisvine in its lair south of the Tianqiu Valley in Liyue.

Agnidus Agate

These mineral crystals can be obtained from boss enemies manipulating the Pyro element. Boss enemies include the Pyro Regisvine, Pyro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, Signora, and Azhdaha.

You can also get these from quest and commission rewards by crafting them using the ones with lower rarity levels.

The amounts needed for each are as follows: Agnidus Agate Silver: 1; Agnidus Agate Fragments: 9; Agnidus Agate Chunks: 9; Agnidus Agate Gemstones: 6.

Jueyun Chili: 168

A Jueyun Chili is a spicy plant that is even merely smelling. It makes one hot and thirsty. This plant is one of the local specialties of the Geo nation Liyue and can be picked in the wild.

Slime Condensate, Secretions, and Concentrate

YouThe Slime Secretions and Slime Concentrates can be crafted via the crafting bench in the city. These are essences with slightly different properties after undergoing a few processing. Et these things from all types of Slimes when you defeat them. These are essences with somewhat different properties after experiencing a few processing.

The amount needed for each are as follows: Slime Condensate: 18; Slime Secretions: 30; Slime Concentrate: 36.

Ascension Phases

Ascension Phase 1

This first ascension will be done after the character reaches level 20, and they cannot proceed to the next level without ascending to the next phase. The character level cap will be increased to 40 and unlock their first passive talent. For Xiangling, it is the Crossfire.


  • Mora – 20,000;
  • Agnidus Agate Sliver – 1;
  • Jueyun Chili – 3;
  • Slime Condensate – 3;

Unlocked Talent: Crossfire (1st Passive Talent);

Ascension Phase 2

Ascension Phase 2 can be reached at character level 40 and will increase the character level cap to 50. After this ascension, the character’s talents can be upgraded or leveled up. Xiangling will also unlock a particular ascension stat on this phase: the Elemental Mastery Bonus of 24.


  • Mora – 40,000;
  • Agnidus Agate Fragments – 3;
  • Jueyun Chili – 10;
  • Slime Condensate – 15;
  • Everflame Seed – 2;

Unlocked Special Stat: 24 Elemental Mastery Bonus;

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling active talents from 1 to 2;

Ascension Phase 3

After reaching level 50, Xiangling can ascend to ascension phase 3, increasing her character level cap to 60. The 3rd ascension phase will also increase the Elemental Mastery Bonus particular stat from 24 to 48. Additionally, Xiangling combat talents can then be increased up to level 4.


  • Mora – 60,000;
  • Agnidus Agate Fragments – 6;
  • Jueyun Chili – 20;
  • Slime Secretions – 12;
  • Everflame Seed – 4;

Unlocked Stat: Elemental Mastery Bonus increased from 24 to 48;

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling active talents from 2 to 4;

Ascension Phase 4

At level 60, you can ascend Xiangling to ascension phase 4 and upgrade his character level cap to 70. After climbing, you will unlock Xiangling’s second Passive Talent called Beware. It’s Super Hot! All her Combat Talents can then be leveled up to 6.


  • Mora – 80,000;
  • Agnidus Agate Chunks – 3;
  • Jueyun Chili – 30;
  • Slime Secretions – 18;
  • Everflame Seed – 8;

Unlocked Talent: Beware, It’s Super Hot! (2nd Passive Talent);

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling active talents from 4 to 6;

Ascension Phase 5

The 5th ascension phase can be reached when Xiangling is at level 70, and ascending will increase her character level cap to 80. Her ascension stat, the Elemental Mastery Bonus, will increase to 72 at this phase. Xiangling’s combat talents will also have an upgrade to their level cap from 6 to 8.


  • Mora – 100,000;
  • Agnidus Agate Chunks – 6;
  • Jueyun Chili – 45;
  • Slime Concentrate – 12;
  • Everflame Seed – 12;

Unlocked Stat: Elemental Mastery Bonus increased from 48 to 72;

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling active talents from 6 to 8;

Ascension Phase 6

Xiangling’s final ascension phase is at level 80 and will increase her character level cap to 90. Her particular ascension stat, Elemental Mastery Bonus, will be increased to 96, and her combat Talents can now be upgraded to the maximum level of 10.


  • Mora – 120,000;
  •  Agnidus Agate Gemstones – 6;
  • Jueyun Chili – 60;
  • Slime Concentrate – 24;
  • Everflame Seed – 20;

Unlocked Stat: Elemental Mastery Bonus increased from 72 to 96;

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling active talents from 8 to 10;

Xiangling’s Talent Level-Up

What are the Talent Level-Up Materials for Xiangling

Aside from Mora and Slime essences, you will also need a few Dvalin’s Claw to increase the level of Xiangling’s combat talents.

Dvalin’s Claw

Dvalin’s Claw is a claw from the Dragon of the East. It is an item you can obtain when you defeat the Stormterror Dvalin in his trounce domain Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt.

Talent Level Book: Diligence

The talent-level books of the “Diligence” series are needed for Xiangling’s combat talents. You can obtain these by completing the challenge in the Taishan Mansion Domain: Heart of the Flames.

These books include the Teachings of Diligence, Guide to Diligence, and the Philosophies of Diligence. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

Crown of Insight

Leveling a combat talent up from level 9 to 10 will need a Crown of Insight, a unique item that can only be obtained as a reward from the game’s events.

Mora: 1,652,500;

Slime Condensate: 6;

Slime Secretions: 22;

Slime Concentrate: 31;

Teachings of Diligence: 3;

Guide to Diligence: 21;

Philosophies of Diligence: 38;

Dvalin’s Claw: 6;

Crown of Insight: 1;

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