Pokémon Inspired RPG Monster Crown PS4 Release Date is October 12th


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Hunt, battle and breed monsters to be crowned the ultimate tamer.

Developer Studio Aurum and publisher SOEDESCO have announced that the monster raising RPG Monster Crown will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on October 12th, 2021. Monster Crown will also have both digital and physical forms become available from this date.

The game has been in development for over four years, and the early access version was launched on Steam back in July 2020, with it receiving a very positive response from audiences.

Pokémon Inspired RPG Monster Crown PS4 Release Date is October 12th

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Monster Crown is an RPG tamer experience, although it has a far darker tale than other monster-raising counterparts. Games like Pokémon might have heavily inspired it, but the twist and turns in the world make it anything from a children’s game, with many dark themes explored. If you watch the early access trailer down below, there are even a few naughty words featured in the text dialogue, which you certainly wouldn’t see in a mainline Pokémon game.

The story transpires in a dark world tarnished with a menacing history of sadistic rulers and heroic saviours. Wild monsters roam and dominate the land, where it is now up to you to make pacts with these rogue creatures and train them, with the intention of stopping the return of the Philosopher Kings. You will hunt, battle, tame and breed a range of monsters to create your grand legacy whilst trying to restore balance and order to Crown Island.

The monsters you encounter in the game will range from slithery reptiles, enormous sea dwellers and scary-looking insects. The sprites are presented in a traditional 2D format, enhancing the old-school retro vibe.

Tamers will make pacts with these feral creatures throughout the journey, granting them protection in return for shelter. There are over 200 monsters to breed and fuse, so there’s plenty of opportunities to experiment and see what works best to create the ultimate fighting machine. You will also be confronted with moral dilemmas, which will require you to make choices at pivotal points of the game. The choices you make will dramatically affect the ending of the adventure; will you become the saviour or a dark messiah of this land?

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This should make the personal choices made throughout your adventure more impactful and perhaps even add a bit of replay value to the experience. The game will also include online features that allow players to battle and trade their monsters with others. Hopefully, this will give the game long jeopardy, as players will have a reason to go back and do more with the post-game content.

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