Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Buneary Guide


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The player will join the Galaxy Expedition Team, commonly called the Galaxy Team, as a key member of the Survey Corps in Pokemon Legends: Arceus to learn more about the Pokemon found in the Hisui region.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Ultimate Buneary Guide

One of the game’s main goals is to catch all the region’s Pokemon to complete the Hisui Pokedex. Furthermore, the all-powerful Arceus commands that the player meet every Pokemon in the area. As a result, the player must be familiar with all of the Pokemon found in the Hisui region.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about Buneary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!


Buneary, the 64th Pokemon in the Hisuian Pokedex, is a Normal-type Rabbit Pokemon with a small body that looks like that of a rabbit’s, brown and tan fur, a pair of black eyes with white pupils, a triangular pink nose, a small mouth, a pair of tan-colored eyebrows, a pair of long brown ears with pink insides and a tuft of tan-colored fur on the tips of both of its ears.

According to its Pokedex entry in the game, it is hypothesized that Buneary rolls up its ears because its hearing is very keen, so it protects its hearing by limiting the sound that enters its ears.

Still, one of the ears is rolled, a brown upper body, a pair of stubby arms with small fingers on each hand, a tan-colored lower body, a pair of tan-colored feet with pink paw pads and small toes, and a tail that is small, brown, and puffy.

Basic Information

Buneary is a Normal-type Pokemon, so it has a weakness to Fighting-type moves (super effective) and an immunity to Ghost-type moves (no effect).

Buneary’s base stats are 55 HP, 66 Attack, 44 Defense, 44 Special Attack, 56 Special Defense, and 85 Speed for 350.

Buneary can evolve into a Lopunny when it reaches a high Friendship Level.

To raise a Pokemon’s Friendship Level, the player should keep the Pokemon in their party, use it in battle, not allow it to faint, and use the Pokemon to gather materials from trees and ores.

Friendship Level

To check your Pokemon’s Friendship Level, go to the Friendship Checker, a blue man named Belamy, located a little south of the Pastures in the eastern part of Jubilife Village. However, it should be noted that the Friendship Checker is not available immediately in the game.

To access the Friendship Checker, complete the “Measuring Your Compatibility” Request (request 28). After that, the player can speak with Belamy and choose the Pokemon to check the Friendship Level. Based on Belamy’s description, the actual Friendship Level is as follows:

Friendship LevelBelamy’s Description
Base Friendship“[Your Pokemon] seems leery of you yet. New to the team, perhaps?”
Low“I suppose [your Pokemon]’s become a bit friendly toward you, but you’ve a ways to go…”
Mid“[Your Pokemon] seems to get on well with you. But I’m sure it could get on better!”
High“You and [your Pokemon] seem to be fast friends. You must be quite good companions!”
Highest“What an excellent pair of friends you and [your Pokemon] make. You must mean a lot to each other!”

The player’s Buneary must reach the High or Highest Friendship Level to evolve into a Lopunny.

Buneary loves Springy Mushrooms, Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans. They make excellent distractions before catching, battling, or simply feeding Buneary.

When a Buneary is defeated or captured in the wild, it will drop a Spoiled Apricorn and an Oran Berry, which the player will receive.


The player may find Buneary in the following locations:

In the Obsidian Fieldlands: around The Heartwood.

image 12

In the Alabaster Icelands: in Bonechill Wastes.

image 11

Buneary can be found in the mentioned locations at all times of day and in every weather condition.

Buneary can also appear in Massive Mass Outbreaks in the Obsidian Fieldlands and the Alabaster Icelands.

Research Tasks

The following are the Research Tasks in Buneary’s Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

MultiplierResearch TaskObjectives
x2Number caught1/3/6/12/25
Number you have caught without being spotted1/2/5/10/20
Number defeated1/2/4/10/15
Times you have seen it use Baby-Doll Eyes1/2/4/6/10
x2Times you have given it food1/2/3/4/5
x2Number you have evolved1

When a Pokemon reaches Research Level 10, its Pokedex entry is considered complete. If one of a Research Task’s objectives is met, the Research Level of a Pokedex entry advances by one level. 

The Pokedex entry receives two Research Levels instead of one after completing a Research Task with a multiplier of x2. In addition, the player earns Research Points for finishing Research Tasks and Pokedex entries. This can boost the player’s Star Rank if the player earns enough.

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To quickly complete Buneary’s Pokedex entry, the player can feed a Buneary food or berries four times, then catch one. Doing this will tick the first, second, third, and fourth objectives of the “Times you have given it food” Research Task. Then tick the first objective of the “Number caught” Research Task.


If the player wants Buneary to learn new moves, the player can level Buneary up or go to the Training Grounds.

Leveling Up

The following moves can be learned and mastered by the player’s Buneary as it levels up in Pokemon Legends: Arceus:

MoveTypeLearn LevelMaster LevelPowerAccuracyPP
Quick AttackNormal-type194010020
Baby-Doll EyesFairy-type514010020
Draining KissFairy-type16265010015
Double HitNormal-type2333010
Play RoughFairy-type3142859010

Training Grounds

Alternatively, the player can teach Buneary new moves by speaking with Captain Zisu in the Training Grounds:

Baby-Doll EyesFairy-type010020
Rock SmashFighting-type4010020
Charge BeamElectric-type509015
Water PulseWater-type6020
Fire PunchFire-type7510010
Thunder PunchElectric-type7510010
Ice PunchIce-type7510010
Drain PunchFighting-type7510010
Ice BeamIce-type8010010
Shadow BallGhost type8010010
Play RoughFairy-type859010
Iron TailSteel-type100755

Relevant Request

Buneary is in Request 25, called “The Pokemon in the Woodland Photo” Request.

To unlock this request, the player must first achieve the following:

  • Receive the “Arezu’s Predicament” mission, the eighth mission in the game where the player is tasked to quell the Lady of the Ridge Liligant’s frenzy.
  • Use the Photography Studio in Jubilife Village and take a photo at least once.

Head to the Photography Studio northwest of Jubilife Village (near the Item Storage and the Front Gate) to start this request. Outside, you will find Dagero, the old man in green clothes and owner of the Photography Studio. Speak with Dagero, and he will tell the player that people do not get the appeal of taking pictures with Pokemon and are too afraid of them to overcome their reluctance.

However, he inadvertently photographed a cute and cuddly Pokemon. He figured that if people saw the cute Pokemon in a photo, they would want to take pictures with it in his Photography Studio. So, Dagero will ask that the player catch the Pokemon in the photo for him

The Pokemon in Dagero’s photo is a Buneary, so the player must catch one to complete the request. The easiest place to find a Buneary is in The Heartwood in the Obsidian Fieldlands. You can simply fast-travel to the Grandtree Arena and head northwest to find some Buneary.

It is worth mentioning that Buneary is a quick-moving creature who will flee if they see the player. So, crouch and hide in the tall grass. Use food to bait and distract them so they can be caught easily by throwing a Pokeball from behind.

Completing the Relevant Request

After catching a Buneary, return to Jubilife Village, enter the Photography Studio, and talk to Dagero. On the prompt, select ‘About that request you had…’. Then select ‘I think I’ve got the Pokemon you wanted,’ and select the Buneary that was just caught. Dagero will realize that the Buneary is fluffier and more beautiful than he imagined. 

Finally, the ‘The Pokemon in the Woodland Photo’ request will be completed. As a reward, new options will be added to the Photography Studio!

Buneary can be a great addition to the player’s party in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It can help assist with missions, requests, and even Arceus’ task for the player of catching ’em all!

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