Diablo Immortal: Blood Rose Boss Guide


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A monstrosity made of inexplicable amounts of mortal blood.

Diablo Immortal: Blood Rose Boss Guide

Dark Wood is a deep forest inhabited by dangerous monsters and a cult called the Bloodsworn. True to the cult’s name, the Bloodsworn are loyal servants of none other than Dark Wood’s powerful blood-thirsty monster, The Blood Rose.

As you go through the Dark Wood and progress in the zone’s storyline, you will receive a quest that will put you in a fight against the Bloodsworn and the Blood Rose itself. The Bloodrose is very powerful, so knowing what to expect from the fight should give you a huge advantage and help you complete the quest as quickly as possible.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal.

What is the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal?

The Blood Rose is the Dark Wood’s Zone Boss and the reason for its never-ending corruption. It takes on the form of a large Dark Creeper that feeds on the blood of slain mortals within the forest and is The Countess’ power source.

Sometime in the main storyline, a hero/group of heroes will manage to slay the Blood Rose. However, Lakrii will offer herself to the Blood Rose to revive the monster, forcing the hero/heroes to fight against a rejuvenated Blood Rose again. After a grueling battle against the Bloodsworn and the Blood Rose, the hero/heroes eventually manage to kill the Blood Rose for the second and last time.

As a World Boss, The Blood Rose is immune to knockback and has two phases – The first phase, where the Blood Rose shoots a blood laser, blood spikes, balls of blood projectiles, and blood bombs, and a second phase, where the Blood Rose spawns a small area that continuously drains you of your HP to heal itself.

Blood Rose Location

The Blood Rose can be found in its one sub-zone called Lair of the Blood Rose within Dark Wood. Head to the Fetid Swamp zone within Dark Wood, and you will find the Blood Rose in the westernmost part of the area.

The Blood Rose can be found during the “Blood Resurrection” quest right after you complete the quest that unlocks the Bestiary in Dark Wood.

How to Spawn the Blood Rose

There are two ways to spawn the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal. The first is by progressing through the Dark Wood storyline, and the second is through the Purify the Corruption Zone Event.

Your encounter with the Blood Rose is inevitable in Diablo Immortal, as it is part of the game’s main storyline. As you progress through the Dark Wood arc of the story, a quest called Blood Ressurection will put you face to face against the Blood Rose.

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The Blood Rose spawns every 20 minutes during the Purify the Corruption Dark Wood Zone Event. Slaying the Blood Rose during this event will give you and your party extra progress on your Corruption meter.

How to defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal?

The Blood Rose will shoot a blood laser, blood spikes, balls of blood projectiles, and blood bombs, and a second phase where the Blood Rose spawns a small area that sucks you in and continuously drains you of your HP to heal itself.

The Blood Rose will also spawn Bloodsworn that will attack you. Deal with the Bloodsworn, as they can be annoying and are another source of incoming damage.

Focus on avoiding the Blood Rose’s attacks and simply sneak in burst damage Skills in between the Blood Rose’s attacks. It is important to stay mobile to take as little damage as possible, as the fight will be long, and your healing potions will be very limited.

In Phase 2, Blood Rose will start lobbing more blood bomb projectiles into the air alongside the other attacks that Blood Rose has already used in Phase 1. In addition, expect to see a strangling creeper attack – an AoE attack that drains your HP and heals the Blood Rose in return.

Surviving the Blood Rose

The Blood Rose will have a large HP pool when you fight against it, hinting at the countless corpses it fed on during its reign in Dark Wood. Due to the Blood Rose’s high HP, it might not be a good idea to tank all the incoming damage in hopes of draining the Blood Rose’s HP before you lose yours. Do not attempt to fight the Blood Rose when it starts sucking you in, as you will give it more HP and make the fight last longer.

As mentioned above, keep moving to avoid the Blood Rose’s attacks and manage your HP as best as possible. There are two phases to the Blood Rose fight, so prioritize survival, especially if you go against the monster alone. With that said, teaming up with three other players will make the entire fight much more manageable.

Blood Rose Rewards

You will get a ton of XP for slaying the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal alongside typical boss rewards such as Gold and Random Gear.

You can come back later and slay the Blood Rose once more. If you do this at Hell I difficulty, you will get XP, Gold, Random Gear, and Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge – a Vessel of Horadrim that provides permanent Life buffs after you return it to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum.

Bloody Roses

The Blood Rose in the Blood Resurrection quest should be less potent than in the Purify the Corruption Event. Nevertheless, the Blood Rose in the main storyline is still a potent enemy that can surprise you with its high-damage AoE attacks.

Just keep a close eye on the Blood Rose’s AoE indicators and steer clear from the marked areas as quickly as possible to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Be especially wary of the Blood Rose’s HP drain attack, as this will cause the Blood Rose to heal back a healthy amount of HP, prolonging the fight even further.

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