Quick Play Classic Being Added to Overwatch 2 Closed Beta


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Overwatch today isn’t the same game that launched four years ago. While a lot of things remained the same, there are multiple elements that have been changed in order to give everyone an equally enjoyable experience. With the closed beta currently ongoing, the developer’s blog has confirmed that Quick Play classic will be returned to the closed beta.

Quick Play Classic Being Added to Overwatch 2 Closed Beta

According to the official blog, Quick Play Classic has been added in order to get more players into matches. They write:

In the interim, we’re also working to enable quick play classic with open queue so that players seeking shorter queue times will have an easy option for the remainder of the first Beta test.

For now, probably one of the most complaints about the game is the change of Quick Play. While the game has allowed for more balanced teams with two tanks and two healers, wait times have been significantly longer, and even with a priority pass, some players still have to wait upwards of 10 minutes just to be able to get into a match.

There has to be a better way Blizzard.

That being said, this is what betas are for—working out the kinks in the game before they launch to the general audience. Hopefully they find a better way to keep players in games, because the current method feels like they’re zapping the fun out of more experimental team compositions.

No release date has been set for Overwatch 2, but you can catch the OG Overwatch now available for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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