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What is relatively unknown in the Steam community, is all of the things you can change and alter about how other people view your profile, and what they view.

Steam: How to Have YouTube Videos on Profile

Like this, there is a feature called Video Showcase, which enables the players to showcase their own YouTube videos on their profile. Whether it be for exposure or just for some added flair, this is a good thing to have.

However, it’s not available to everyone, and you must buy this feature from the Steam Point Shop.

How to Have YouTube Videos on Profile – Steam

The Point Shop on Steam is a really interesting place. Here you can buy all kinds of different profile showcases, that the majority of the public don’t even know about.

You can have items for trade, inventory showcase, badges, my guides, and a lot of more interesting showcases for your profile. To get the YouTube videos showcase though, you must buy 6,000 Steam Points.

After that, here is what you have to do to have YouTube Videos on your Steam Profile:

  1. Open up your Steam application.
  2. Navigate to the Store, and then click on Points Shop on the top.
  3. Go to Profile Showcases on the left of your screen, and then find Video Showcase.
  4. Select it, and then buy it using 6,000 points.

After that, you will need to insert your videos to Steam so that they can be showcased. To do that, go to your profile, and then to Videos, which is on the right under your level.

At the top, click on “Add Videos from YouTube”. Login with your account, and then select all of the videos that you would want to have on your profile. On the second step, find the game that the corresponding video is for (optional).

After you click Add Video, they will be taken out of the list on the left and be on your profile.

Next, you will have to setup Video Showcase on your profile. This is how to do it:

  1. Go back to your Profile and click on Edit.
  2. Navigate to the Featured Showcase tab on the left.
  3. Scroll down, and find Video Showcase.
  4. When you do find it, click on any of the boxes, and add the video that you want to be at that spot.

Fill out all of the video input boxes, and then scroll down and click Save. Go back to your profile, and check whether you can see your own videos!

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