Adopt Me: How to Hatch an Egg


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Since Adopt Me is mostly a pet game, a big aspect of its gameplay becomes hatching eggs. When you hatch eggs in Adopt Me, you will hatch a pet!

Adopt Me: How to Hatch an Egg

Each egg is different in a couple of ways. Firstly, its pool of pets, i.e. what pets you have a chance of getting when hatching the egg. Secondly, the eggs vary in difficulty and time to hatch them. Most have different objectives or quests as well.

Nevertheless, it is relatively the same principal, and to succeed on your Adopt Me journey, you must know how to properly and efficiently hatch eggs.

How to Hatch an Egg – Adopt Me

Before you do anything though, you must get an egg. Now, acquiring eggs is a big topic since most of them can be obtained differently, and their prices vary.

how to hatch an egg adopt me

However, educating yourself from the official Adopt Me wiki is always a good way to increase the quality of your gameplay.

After you have earned your special egg, it is time to hatch it. All you need to do to hatch an egg in Adopt Me is:

1. Whip out your egg

This is fairly straightforward, but for those who do not know, all you need to do is go into your backpack (at the bottom of the screen), navigate to the Pets section, find your egg, and then click on it.

Doing this will remove your egg from your inventory, and it will follow you around.

2. Go to Adoption Island

Again, for the new players around, Adoption Island is where you go to hatch your eggs. It is relatively easy to find this place.

Look for a sign that says Tunnel to Adoption Island. The tunnel will have big blue arrows pointing to it. Walk it off, and soon enough, you will be on Adoption Island.

3. Finish Objectives & Tasks

The objectives will start to pop-up once you reach Adoption Island. Blue ones are far easier and quicker, but the orange ones, while harder, give more experience.

When you complete a task, your egg gets some experience points. Your goal is to finish enough tasks so that its experience bar gets filled up.

Tapping or clicking on the objective will show an arrow, and ultimately guide you to where you need to be.

4. Time to Hatch

Soon enough, you will have the egg’s experience bar filled up to the brim. At this point, the egg will hatch by itself, and you will get a pet from it!

Make sure to let us know what pet you got from your egg!

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