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In the ever-expanding world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most iconic locations is Kakariko Village. This picturesque village has long been a cherished hub for residents of Hyrule. The Kakariko Village has become a sanctuary of serenity amidst the challenges of a hero’s journey. This guide will delve deep into the captivating exploration of Kakariko Village.

Tears of the Kingdom: Kakariko Village

Here, we will look at everything Link can do in this beautiful village. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler seeking to uncover every hidden treasure or a newcomer eager to immerse yourself in the lore of this iconic location, prepare to be enchanted by the wonders and mysteries within the heart of Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village appears in several installments of The Legend of Zelda series. In each game, its geographical and historical situation appears to be different. According to in-game lore for Tears of the Kingdom, the Sheikah Tribe established the Kakariko Village many years ago. Many ruins shaped like rings fell all over the Kakariko Village due to the Upheaval.

Because of that, tourists have rushed to the area to see the ring ruins; among them is the Zonai Survey Team. However, a person who seemed to be Princess Zelda showed up to the village elder and advised them not to explore the ruins.

Aside from the Ring Ruins and the Zonai Survey Team, the Kakariko Village is generally the same as the Breath of the Wild village. Also, Paya, Impa’s granddaughter, is now the Chief of Kakariko Village, and Impa is retired.


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In Tears of the Kingdom and its predecessor, Kakariko Village is a settlement north of the Dueling Peaks. This is in the West Necluda region of Hyrule. To be more specific, Link can head to the following coordinates to find Kakariko Village: 1808, 0984, 0113.

Link can take a couple of entrances to the beach area. There are two roadways on the village’s southwest and southeast side. There is another one across a valley to the north of the Village. 

From Lookout Landing, the fastest path to Kakariko Village is through the path that leads east on the northern exit of the area. Keep following that path, then take the next turn that leads to the northeast before reaching the Ranch Ruins.

Follow this path, cross Rebonae Bridge, and then take the path south to reach Wetland Stable. Continue down this path, then, near Millennio Sandbar, take the path that leads to the southeast. Link will find Morok Shrine and the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower along this path. Follow this path, and Link will eventually reach the Kakariko Village!


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Link can start several quests in Kakariko Village. The following are all the quests that Link can pursue in the area:

Main Quest

Link can only start one Main Quest in Kakariko Village. This is the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” Main Quest. Before Link can start this Main Quest, Link must take on the “Find the Fifth Sage” Main Quest from Purah. Link can start the Main Quest after completing the “Regional Phenomena” Main Quest and finding Princess Zelda in the “Crisis at Hyrule Castle” Main Quest. The “Find the Fifth Sage” Main Quest will give Link clues to the Kakariko Village. 

To start the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” Main Quest, Link must talk to Tauro and Paya in the northern part of the village. Link can find them near the Ring Ruins. To be exact, Link can talk to Link and Paya at the following coordinates: 1814, -0951, 0113

Side Adventures

Side Adventures are new story-related tasks that reveal more about various individuals and locations in Hyrule. Several Side Adventures are interconnected and form part of larger plot lines. In Kakariko Village, Link can also take on only one Side Adventure. This is the “Honey, Bee Mine” Side Adventure.

To start the “Honey, Bee Mine” Side Adventure, Link must talk to Beetz. To find him, Link must head south of Bonooru’s Stand and find Beetz beside the road. This is a little bit southeast of Kakariko Village. To be more specific, Link can find Beetz on the following coordinates: 2162, -1383, 0111.

Starting the “Honey, Bee Mine” Side Adventure is not required. This Side Adventure, however, is one of the Side Adventures involved in the Great Fairy Side Adventure arc.

Side Quests

Side Quests are minor quests scattered around Hyrule. These tasks are varied, but accomplishing them may result in substantial rewards. The following are the Side Quests that Link can take on in Kakariko Village:

Side QuestLocationHow to UnlockCoordinates
A Trip Through HistoryKakariko Village in West NecludaTalk to Bugut roaming around the village1843, -0970, 0115
Codgers’ QuarrelKakariko Village in West NecludaTalk to Trissa near the shelves at the back in the area’s General Store1790, -1030, 0115
Follow the CuccosKakariko Village in West NecludaFinish the “Codgers’ Quarrel” Side Quest then talk to Trissa inside the area’s General Store1790, -1030, 0115
Gloom-Borne IllnessKakariko Village in West NecludaTalk to Lasli in a tiny shed in the area1908, -0999, 0127
Out of the InnKakariko Village in West NecludaSpeak with Dai inside the area’s Inn1836, -1022, 0116

Points of Interest

As this is a major settlement in the game, there is a lot that Link can find in Kakariko Village. Among them are the following:

Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower

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The Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is just one of 15 Skyview Towers that Link activates throughout the game. This Skyview Tower shows the map of the nearby area in Central Hyrule’s east. Link will locate a chunk of the West Necluda region and a portion of the Lanayru Wetlands in this region. One of the major locations in this area is the Kakariko Village.

Link can discover the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower on a hill in the distance east of Riverside Stable. This Skyview Tower is along the road that links with Kakariko Village. More specifically, the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is located at these coordinates: 1344, -1170, 0166.

Link will notice a Rito named Billson near the entrance when he arrives at the Skyview Tower. When you talk to Billson, he will tell you that there is a minor problem. Choose “What’s going on?” on the prompt as a response. He’ll then disclose that he’s arrived to fix the Skyview Tower, but the doors won’t open. Link must discover a way to open the doors to activate the Skyview Tower.

Makasura Shrine

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In Kakariko Village, Link can find the Makasura Shrine, titled “An Upright Device.” This Shrine relies mostly on Link’s Ascend and Ultrahand abilities to navigate different parts of the Shrine. Link can find this Shrine of Light up a cliff in the southwestern part overlooking the village. To be more specific, Link can find the Makasura Shrine in the following coordinates: 1770, -1050, 0166.

High Spirits Produce

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The High Spirits Produce is one of the General Stores in the Kakariko Village. This store is also located in the village’s southwestern part, just ahead of the Makasura Shrine. Specifically, Link can find the High Spirits Produce in the following coordinates: 1807, -1025, 0113.

Trissa will greet Link and attend to him inside the High Spirits Produce. Initially, Link can only purchase a single Bird Egg for 12 Rupees in this General Store. Trissa will explain that this is because the people who stock the store still haven’t returned from chasing off monsters. Link must first complete the “Codgers’ Quarrel” Side Quest to restock the items inside the High Spirits Produce. 

After doing that, almost all of the items in the store are back in stock. All except now, the Bird Eggs are out of stock. Link must complete the “Follow the Cuccos” Side Quest to restock them.

Once all the mentioned Side Quests are completed, all the stocks inside High Spirits Produce are now available. The following are the items that Link can purchase in this General Store:

ItemCost per pieceNumber of stock available
Fortified Pumpkin20 Rupees3
Swift Carrot16 Rupees12
Goat Butter12 Rupees5
Bird Egg12 Rupees5

Aside from buying items, Link can also talk to Trissa to sell many of his items. Link can sell Materials, elixirs, cooked meals, and Armor.

It is also important to point out that there is a cooking pot outside near the High Spirits Produce.

The Curious Quiver

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The Curious Quiver is another one of Kakariko Village’s General Stores. Link can also find this store in the southwest of the village, just in front of the High Spirits Produce. To be more specific, Link can head to the following coordinates to find The Curious Quiver: 1813, -1036, 0114.

Inside The Curious Quiver, Link can find a woman named Rola who will greet and attend to him. She will feel delighted that, with so many strangers to Kakariko Village, Link decided to stop by her shop. If Link inquires about Lurelin Village, she will tell him that pirates took it over and that everyone who resided there went on to spread around Hyrule.

As you can probably tell from the shop’s name, The Curious Quiver offers arrows and related items. The following are the items Link can purchase inside The Curious Quiver:

ItemCost per pieceNumber of stock available
Aerocuda Wing24 Rupees3
A Bundle of five pieces of Arrows20 Rupees2
Aerocuda Eyeball16 Rupees3
A single Arrow5 Rupees6

Aside from purchasing items, Link can also talk to Rola to sell Materials, cooked meals, elixirs, and even armor to Rola.

Shuteye Inn

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In Kakariko Village, Link can also find an inn called the Shuteye Inn. Link can find the Shuteye Inn just beside The Curious Quiver. To be more precise, Link can head to the following coordinates to find the Shuteye Inn: 1824, -1014, 0114.

Upon first entering the Shuteye Inn, Link will find a man named Dai. Talk to Dai, and he will say, however, that he is not the attendant of the Inn. He will say that he stopped by the inn to rest, but the owner asked him to keep watch on the place.

Then, the owner said he had to make up the survey-team tents’ beds and return. The owner, however, has not returned. So, Dai wants to look for him but can’t, as no one would be left in the inn. Because of that, before Link can avail of the Shuteye Inn’s services, Link must complete the “Out of the Inn” Side Quest.

After completing the Side Quest mentioned, Link can now talk to Ollie, the actual owner, inside the Inn. Then, Link can now rest inside the Inn! Link can pay 20 Rupees to sleep on a regular bed or 30 Rupees on a soft bed. Sleeping in an Inn will replenish all of Link’s Hearts. Not only that, but sleeping on a soft bed will also give Link one additional temporary Heart.


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In Kakariko Village, Link can find a shop called Enchanted, which is an Armor Shop. Link can find this shop in the village’s northern part, across the Zonai Survey Team Base. To be more specific, Link can head to the following coordinates to find Enchanted: 1846, -0970, 0115.

Upon entering this Armor Shop, Link can check out the items inside but will see that each is expensive. At this point, each piece of armor in this Armor Shop costs a whopping 5,000 Rupees

Talk to a woman named Claree, who is the attendant inside Enchanted and who looks tired. Claree will explain that her grandmother is sick. Because of that, she runs the Armor Shop while her sister, Lasli, is looking after their grandmother.

Also, Claree will explain that they need money for their grandmother’s treatment. This is why the prices for all of their stock are very expensive. Lastly, she will say they will return their prices to normal once their grandmother is healthy again. Because of that, Link must complete the “Gloom-Borne Illness” Side Quest to reduce each piece of armor’s price.

After finishing the mentioned Side Quest, their stock prices will go down. The following are the original prices for each piece of armor in Enchanted:

ArmorBase DefenseEffect/BuffPrice
Stealth Mask2Stealth Up
(Increases Link’s Stealth)
Stealth Chest Guard2Stealth Up700
Stealth Tights2Stealth Up600
Radiant Mask3Glows at night or in the dark.800
Radiant Shirt3Glows at night or in the dark800
Radiant Tights3Glows at night or in the dark800

Not only can Link buy armor, but Link can also sell items in Enchanted. To do that, Link must talk to Claree inside.

Goddess Statue

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Link will be able to find a Goddess Statue in Kakariko Village. To find it, Link can go to the village’s lowest level of the middle part. The Goddess Statue is in the middle of the pond, directly in front of the Chief’s Hall. To be more precise, Link can head to the following coordinates to find the Goddess Statue in the village: 1838, -0997, 0113.

Link can pray to Goddess Statues to gain more hearts or more stamina. To do that, Link must collect four Lights of Blessing. Link can obtain a Light of Blessing for completing a Shrine of Light found all over Hyrule. Once Link has at least four Lights of Blessing, Link can interact with any of the Goddess Statues in Hyrule. After that, the Goddess will give Link a choice of either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.

East Hill Chasm

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Chasms are lengthy downward holes on the Surface of Hyrule that emerged during the Upheaval and are new in Tears of the Kingdom. Each Chasm is covered with Gloom on its walls and goes to the Depths. The East Hill Chasm is one of the 39 Chasms all over Hyrule.

To find the East Hill Chasm, Link can follow the path up a hill in the northern part of the Kakariko Village. Keep on following this path, which will eventually lead to the northeast. Here, Link will find some tall wooden scaffolding and, beyond that, East Hill Chasm. To be more precise, Link can head to the following coordinates to find the East Hill Chasm: 1930, -0889, 0164.

Link will locate the Finned statue after plunging into the Depths with the help of the East Hill Chasm. Like other statues in the Depths, this Finned statue leads to another one that looks just like it. Following these Finned statues will bring Link to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine.

Kakariko Village Well

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In Tears of the Kingdom, there are new types of locations called Wells. These areas are caves at the bottom of the wells. Link can find 58 Wells all over the surface of Hyrule. One of them is the Kakariko Village Well.

Link can find the Kakariko Village Well near one of the houses in the southern part of Kakariko Village. To be more specific, Link can find the Kakariko Village Well in the following coordinates: 1876, -1041, 0123.

At the bottom of the Kakariko Village Well, Link will be able to find Cottla. She has made the Kakariko Village Well her secret base, where she practices her mom’s cooking alone. Cottla will then ask Link not to tell anybody about her secret base.

In exchange, she will let Link take any vegetables she has planted. Near Cottla, Link can get three Swift Carrots and three Fortified Pumpkins. Also, Link can find a cooking pot in the area. Besides the cooking pot, Link can also find Cottla’s mom’s diary, which Cottla reads to learn how to cook.

Aside from that, Link can also find some Brightcaps, Brightbloom Seeds, Giant Brightbloom Seeds, and Apples around the cave.

Kakariko Village Cave

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Also new in Tears of the Kingdom, some locations appeared because of the Upheaval called Caves. Link can discover 147 Caves across the surface, some even on the Sky Islands of Hyrule. One of them is the Kakariko Village Caves.

To find the Kakariko Village Cave, Link can head to the top of the waterfall east of the village. The entrance of the Kakariko Village Cave is a small hole from which the waterfall’s water is coming. Link would have to crouch down to fit the hole to enter the cave. To be exact, Link can go to the following coordinates to find the entrance to the Kakariko Village Cave: 1944, -0982, 0159.

Inside the Kakariko Village Cave, Link can find a couple of Silent Shrooms, Brightbloom Seeds, Fairies, Sticky Lizards, Glowing Cave Fish, breakable ores, and Hearty Truffles. Link can use one of these Hearty Truffles for the “Out of the Inn” Side Quests. Additionally, Link can find a Bubbulfrog, from which Link can get a Bubbul Gem, inside the Kakariko Village Cave.

Ring Garland Shop

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Aside from the Ring Ruins, another unique thing about Kakariko Village is its Ring Garland Shop. Link can find this Ring Garland Shop between the Shuteye Inn and the Goddess Statue in the middle of Kakariko Village. Specifically, Link can go to the following coordinates to find the Ring Garland Shop: 1822, -1001, 0112.

This shop is literally what it sounds like. Koko, the attendant, is selling a Ring Garland. Link can buy a single Ring Garland from her for 5 Rupees. Unfortunately, Link can not put the Ring Garland in his inventory.

To transport it anywhere, Link must hold it up, which is a chore because Link cannot do anything else while holding it, or Link can combine it with any of his base weapons or shields using the Fuse ability. Link can only buy one Ring Garland per day. Also, the Ring Garland Shop is only open until sunset.

So, what is the Ring Garland for? Link will discover multiple people in a class at night in the Gerudo Shelter in Gerudo Town. This lesson is led by a woman named Ashai, and she will invite Link to participate. Talk to the first few participants until it’s Deltan’s turn. She will be overjoyed when she sees Link’s Ring Garland, calling it an item “famous for binding the destinies of people.” With that, however, there is no reward or quest other than this little conversation.

Aside from that, Link can use it to adorn Link’s potential Tarrey Townhome or possibly Zelda’s house.


Kakariko Village is not just a waypoint on Link’s quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is a place teeming with history, charm, and countless opportunities for exploration. We hope this guide has been a valuable companion in your journey, helping you navigate the winding paths, uncover hidden secrets, and connect with the vibrant cast of characters who call Kakariko Village home.

As you journey through Hyrule, may the memories of your stay in Kakariko Village stay like a warm and comforting song. May this prove The Legend of Zelda series’ continuing charm.

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