How To Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the newest installment of the beloved franchise, has expanded how players interact and explore the kingdom of Hyrule. In the game, Link can now manipulate and use new Zonai Devices.

How To Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom

Using these Zonai Devices, Link can create various contraptions. The only thing standing in the way of the player making different contraptions is the player’s imagination and creativity. However, using these contraptions with Zonai Devices must consume Link’s Energy Cell, a battery to power up the Zonai Devices.

This means that the more complex the contraption is, the more batteries Link needs to have to power them. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get more batteries in Tears of the Kingdom to power up more of Link’s more complex Zonai contraptions!

Energy Cell

Energy Cell is an item that works like a battery that allows Link to power various Zonai Devices. As Link powers up a Zonai Device, the HUD displays a battery slowly dwindling as the Zonai Device consumes it. Once Link powers off the device or uses it until the battery is depleted, it will slowly recharge. However, utilizing it until it’s empty will cause it to recharge significantly slower, similar to how stamina recharges after it is depleted.

Link will receive the Energy Cell after Link completes the In-isa Shrine, also known as The Ability to Combine. The In-isa Shrine is up a mountain near a large body of water on the southwestern side of the Great Sky Island. This shrine is northwest of the Room of Awakening.

To be more specific, Link can find the In-isa Shrine in these coordinates: 0027, -1503, 1408. This Shrine is the second Shrine that Link will encounter up on the Great Sky Island at the very early stages of the game.

How to Get More Battery

To upgrade Link’s Energy Cell and get more batteries, Link must obtain Energy Wells.

Energy Wells = More Battery

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Energy Wells are the actual batteries that Link is carrying in the Energy Cell. A single Energy Well represents one-third of a whole battery icon. Therefore, three Energy Wells are equal to one battery icon. Upon receiving the Energy Cell after the In-isa Shrine, by default, it will already have one battery icon or three Energy Wells. Link can get an extra 45 Energy Wells for a maximum of 48 worth 16 battery icons in the game.

After Link gets the 24th Energy Well or the eighth battery icon, the next Energy Wells that Link will get will add to the existing Energy Wells that Link has and change the icon’s color from green to blue. Think of this as a second layer of energy on the battery. One blue battery icon equals two green battery icons on top of the other. Therefore, Link will have eight blue battery icons once Link’s Energy Cell is fully upgraded.

To get an Energy Well, Link must collect 100 Crystallized Charges and head to the Crystal Refinery to exchange them for an Energy Well. As Link needs 45 Energy Wells to upgrade the Energy Cell fully, Link must spend 4,500 Crystallized Charges, which is a lot. So, let’s start knowing more about this item!

Crystallized Charges

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Crystallized Charges are “condensed” Zonaite crystals manufactured by Forge Constructs. Their main purpose in the game is just to make Energy Wells.

Link can get Crystallized Charges from various chests and bosses, like Flux Constructs and Frox, in the Depths. However, purchasing them from Forge Constructs is the most common way of obtaining Crystallized Charges. However, Link must exchange Zonaite instead of Rupees to get Crystallized Charges.

Forge Constructs are Tears of the Kingdom merchants that can use Zonaite to create Zonai or Crystallized Charges. There are a total of 11 Forge Constructs in the game. One is in the Mining Cave in the southern part of the Great Sky Island. The other 10 Forge Constructs are all in the Depths of Hyrule.

They are found in the following: the Great Abandoned Central Mine, the Abandoned Eldin Mine, the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, the Abandoned Hateno Mine, the Abandoned Hebra Mine, the Abandoned Kakariko Mine, the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine, the Abandoned Lanayru Mine, the Abandoned Lurelin Mine, and the Abandoned Tarry Mine.

There are three kinds of Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom: a regular Crystallized Charge, a Large Crystallized Charge, and a Huge Crystallized Charge.

Regular Crystallized Charge

Link must exchange 3 Zonaites from Forge Constructs to get a single regular Crystallized Charge. This means that to get 100 Crystallized Charges for one Energy Well, Link must accumulate 300 Zonaites.

Large Crystallized Charge

A single Large Crystallized Charge is equal to 20 Crystallized Charges. So, instead of 100 Crystallized Charges, Link can have 5 Large Crystallized Charges to get one Energy Well. Link must exchange 3 Large Zonaites from Forge Constructs to get a single Large Crystallized Charge. With that in mind, Link must accumulate 15 Large Zonaites to get 5 Large Crystallized Charges for one Energy Well.

Aside from exchanging Zonaites, Link can get Large Crystallized Charges by defeating a Stalnox, Black Hinox, and Frox.

Huge Crystallized Charge

The last kind, the Huge Crystallized Charge, equals 100 Crystallized Charges. This means that only one piece of Huge Crystallized Charge is needed to get one Energy Well. 

Unfortunately, Link cannot exchange Zonaite to get a Huge Crystallized Charge. Link, however, can obtain Huge Crystallized Charges after defeating Master Kohga in the Great Abandoned Central Mine, the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, the Abandoned Lanayru Mine, and the Abandoned Hebra Mine.

Additionally, Link can get a Huge Crystallized Charge for defeating one of the four regional bosses in a rematch in the Depths for the first time. These bosses are Colgera, Marbled Gohma, Queen Gibdo, and Mucktorok.


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Zonaite is a material used by the ancient Zonai society to create Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges. They were able to flourish by using these materials. Aside from using them as currency to get Crystallized Charges and Zonai Charges from Forge Constructs, Zonaites are also used to create substitute parts using the Autobuild ability.

Link can get Zonaites, as well as Large Zonaites, by breaking Zonaite Ore Deposits. These Zonaite Ore Deposits are almost everywhere in the Depths of Hyrule. However, some of these Zonaite Ore Deposits are in enemy camps, so Link may have to defeat them first to harvest them.

Aside from the Depths, the only area where Link can find Zonai Ore Deposits that are not the Depths is in the Mining Cave. This cave is up in the southernmost part of the Great Sky Island.

Aside from Zonaite Ore Deposits, Link can also get Zonaites by defeating a Little Frox and some Gloom-wreathed enemies. As for Large Zonaites, Link can get some by defeating a Frox, an Obsidian Frox, and a Blue-White Frox.

Number of Zonaites Needed

To reiterate, Link must accumulate 300 Zonaites to get 100 Crystallized Charges for just one Energy Well. That means that to upgrade Link’s Energy Cell fully. Link must accumulate a whopping 13,500 Zonaites to get 4,500 Crystallized Charges. With this Link can get a maximum of 45 Energy Wells. With that in mind, breaking every Zonaite Ore Deposit Link finds is important.

As for Large Zonaites, Link must accumulate 15 Large Zonaites to get 5 Large Crystallized Charges. That is just for one Energy Well. That means that to reach the maximum capacity of Link’s Energy Cell, Link must accumulate 3,375 Large Zonaites to get 225 Large Crystallized Charges for 45 Energy Wells.

Crystal Refinery

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Once Link has at least 100 Crystallized Charges or 5 Large Crystallized Charges, Link can convert them into Energy Wells. To do that, Link can go to the Crystal Refinery. Link can find the Crystal Refinery just in front of the Nachoya Shrine. This Shrine is near the Room of Awakening in the southernmost part of the Great Sky Island. Specifically, Link can find the Crystal Refinery at 0363, -1652, 2298.

After Link has enough Crystallized Charges and at the Crystal Refinery, talk to the Steward Construct stationed in the area. It will then explain that it will take Link’s Crystallized Charges to produce Energy Wells. So, select “Get producing!” on the prompt. After that, it will confirm if Link accepts the requirements, so select “Get producing!” again on the prompt. After that, Link will receive an Energy Well to expand Link’s battery!

How to Get Temporary Battery

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Link can get temporary batteries just like with Link’s hearts and stamina. To get some, Link must consume Zonai Charges. The Zonai Charge is another material found in the game. If Link consumes one, Zonai Charges give Link a temporary Energy Well. This means it will not recharge once Link uses the temporary Energy Well.

It is important to note that Zonai Charges will only give Link some temporary power if Link’s Energy Wells are full. If some or all of the power in Link’s Energy Cell is used, consuming a Zonai Charge will only replenish Link’s Energy Cell with power equal to one Energy Well.

It is also worth mentioning that aside from getting temporary batteries, Link can also use Zonai Charges to get capsules of Zonai Devices. To do this, Link must drop Zonai Charges to the various Zonai Gacha Device Dispensers all over Hyrule.

Zonai Charges

Link can obtain Zonai Charges by defeating Soldier Constructs, common enemies in the game. Specifically, Zonai Charges are dropped by Soldier Construct I, Soldier Construct II, Soldier Construct III, Soldier Construct IV, Captain Construct I, Captain Construct II, Captain Construct III, Captain Construct IV, Training Construct, Flux Construct I, Flux Construct II, and Flux Construct III.

Large Zonai Charges

There is another kind of Zonai Charge called the Large Zonai Charge. This material replenishes three or more Energy Wells of temporary power. Again, three Energy Wells are equal to one battery icon

Link can get Large Zonai Constructs by defeating Soldier Construct IV, Captain Construct III, Captain Construct IV, Flux Construct II, and Flux Construct III.

Alternatively, aside from defeating enemies, there is another way that Link can acquire Zonai Charges. Link can also get Zonai Charges and Large Zonai Charges by purchasing them from Forge Constructs. Link can get one Zonai Charge for two Zonaites and one Large Zonai Charge for one Large Zonaite.


As you can see from the information above, attempting to increase Link’s battery seems quite daunting. That is why saving up every Zonaite and Crystallized Charges that Link acquires as he explores the vast skies, surface, and depths of the Kingdom of Hyrule is very important.

Again, at its most basic, Link must do these to upgrade his Energy Cell: 3 Zonaites are converted to 1 Crystallized Charge, so Link must collect 300 Zonaites and convert them to 100 Crystallized Charges. Then, head to the Crystal Refinery and convert the 100 Crystallized Charges to one Energy Well.

Link now has one-third of a battery icon. Link must now do that two more times to complete one battery icon. After that, Link must get 14 more battery icons to upgrade Link’s Energy Cell fully. That is how to get more batteries in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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