The best M4 build in Escape From Tarkov


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Escape From Tarkov has an amazing amount of customization options for your weapons, and the king of customization is by far the M4.

The best M4 build in Escape From Tarkov

In this article I’m going to be giving a general overview of what often gets called the best M4 build in Escape From Tarkov.

Best in-slot M4

m4 build tarkov

To start, you’re going to need to assemble the basic frame of the gun with :
⦁ Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle – Lower receiver (Mechanic level 2)
⦁ Vltor MUR-1S 5.56×45 Upper receiver for AR systems (Peacekeeper level 4)
⦁ 370mm barrel for AR-15 and compatible 5.56×45 (Peacekeeper level 3)
⦁ MK12 Low Profile Gas Block (Mechanic level 1 and Peacekeeper level 2)
⦁ SI Advanced receiver extension buffer tube (Mechanic level 4)

And for the core upgrades you’ll want to add:

⦁ SAI 14.5″ QD Rail foregrip for AR15 (Skier level 4)
⦁ HK Ergo PSG-1 style pistol grip for AR-15 based systems (Mechanic Level 4)
⦁ HK E1 Stock for AR-15 and compatible (Peacekeeper level 4)
⦁ Zenit RK-2 Foregrip (Skier level 4)

Note for mounting a few attachments you’ll need the Magpul M-LOK 4.1 inch guide from mechanic level 2.

And finally to buff your ergonomics a bit you’ll want to toss on these:
⦁ Raptor charging handle for AR-15 (Mechanic level 3)
⦁ KAC Folding sight Frontsight (Peacekeeper level 2)
⦁ KAC Folding sight Rear (Peacekeeper level 2)

For Muzzle device you’re going to want either

muzzle device

⦁ The Bulletec ST-6012 5.56×45 Flash hider for AR-15 (Mechanic level 4)
⦁ SAI Jail Break 5.56×45 for AR-15 (Skier level 4)
The SAI fits over the Bulletec and allows for the best overall stats, meanwhile.

daniel defense Wave muzzle

⦁ Daniel Defense Wave Muzzle Brake 5.56×45 (Mechanic level 3)
⦁ Daniel Defence Wave QD Sound Suppressor (Mechanic level 3)

The Wave suppressor fits over the Wave muzzle brake and allows for a suppressed option that has its own fairly ridiculous stats.

This build allows your M4, already a venerable bullet hose, to have competitive ergonomics enough to use a scope, and almost no recoil even for long range engagements.

Best Sights for M4

Sights are a matter of preference really, but that said, A common pairing is the Leupold Mark 4 HAMR hybrid with the Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight allowing you both a 4X zoom optic and a close-quarters reflex sight in one package.

Leupold Mark 4 HAMR hybrid

Many players have taken to this optic for its clear sight picture and flexible nature lending itself to both close and mid range combat, with skilled players pushing it out to about as far as can be useful in EFT.

Best Magazines for M4

With the impressive fire rate of the M4, it might be tempting to slap a 100-round MAG5-100 5.56×45 STANAG magazine and call it a day, but they take up a 1×3 inventory space and pretty heavily impact your ergonomics.

mag 5 100
100-round MAG5-100 5.56×45

Instead, people tend to run the Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56×45 60-round magazine (available for trade at peacekeeper level 3) which has less than half the ergonomics and reload speed modifiers, and fits neatly in most rigs with only a 1×2 inventory footprint.

Magpul PMAG D 60
Magpul PMAG D-60

Feel free to experiment with this build, cutting parts out or just downgrading can definitely make it more affordable without massively impacting performance. Not to mention the plethora of personal choice options you have with sights, magazines, and tactical devices like lasers.

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