The Last of Us Costume Designer Shares Closer Look at Child Clicker


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HBO Max’s The Last of Us had promised new variations of infected, and while we did get a bloater in the last episode, we also got something new in the form of a child clicker. The thing looked pretty surreal when it was in the episode, and we have a closer look at the costume, complete with Blue’s Clues shirt.

The Last of Us Costume Designer Shares Closer Look at Child Clicker

This was shared by costume designer Cynthia Summers:

What’s cool is, the series had to cast rhythmic gymnast Skye Cowton to play the part, in order to showcase just how oddly the clickers tend to move. I guess the Blue’s Clues shirt is also there to remind audiences that the infection had taken place in the early 2000s, around the time when Blue’s Clues was already a prominent children’s show.

So far, the only infected child we’ve seen in the games is Sam, but we’ve never seen an infection that’s progressed with a child’s body. There are some infected that kind of just pick a spot and die, but bloaters and clickers happen when the human body still manages to keep functioning after so long.

The Last of Us series is expected to run for nine episodes, so we only have three episodes left before the season ends. While we expect to see the reunion with Tommy as well as the breakdown of Ellie’s backstory from Left Behind, it’s possible we don’t be seeing all the events from the first game like the arc with David or Joel and Ellie’s scene from the hospital.

Catch new episodes of The Last of Us every Sunday on HBO Max.

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