The Last of Us: Melanie Lynskey Slams Fan Hating On Her Body Type


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The Last of Us series on HBO Max has given us an interesting new character in the form of Melanie Lynskey’s Kathleen, who is a leader of a liberated group in Kansas. Apparently, some haters online have been criticizing Lynskey for her body type, saying it’s not befitting a post-apocalyptic leader, but Lynskey had the perfect come back.

The Last of Us: Melanie Lynskey Slams Fan Hating On Her Body Type

Here’s what Lynskey posted on Twitter:

Though I doubt the series is going to be delving into Kathleen’s backstory, showrunner Craig Mazin had explained in the Last of Us podcast that they were purposefully looking for someone like Lynskey in the part to give audiences a feel of someone that doesn’t feel like she fits in the role of ruthless leader.

While it does feel like Kathleen could have just been a plain mom before the outbreak, you really feel that the character has seen some shit to make her command respect from a group of hunters and raiders.

We don’t really know where Kathleen’s arc is expected to end, but players already know what happens with Sam and Henry after they run into Joel and Ellie. So far, it hasn’t been revealed why Kathleen would be looking for them, but I am hoping that there’s a good reason as to why; I don’t think I’ll be satisfied if they say that Henry just simply keep stealing supplies from them to keep Sam alive and content.

Catch new episodes of The Last of Us every Sunday on HBO Max.

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