The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets an Earlier Release Date


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Despite the initial Chris Pratt backlash on Twitter, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has managed to build up a lot of hype. The film is set to come out this April, and it’s been revealed that the release is actually been pushed up.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets an Earlier Release Date

As per the official announcement, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has moved from its original release date of April 7 to April 5. Check this out:

We don’t know what kind of difference two days could do when it comes to the release date, but I imagine that a Wednesday premiere won’t be as crowded as one that would take place during the start of the weekend. Maybe the superfans can have Wednesday, with the weekend now more open for more casual fans.

With Sonic the Hedgehog currently claiming the title for best video game adaptation, it looks like Illumination is ready to step up to bat with their Super Mario film. Not only do we have a movie that looks incredibly fateful to the games, but we also have story elements that managed to incorporate several elements from decades of Mario titles.

For now, fans are waiting for the next Mario trailer which is set to release on March 9 during Nintendo Direct. If anything, it’ll probably be the last big preview we get before the movie officially comes to theaters; hopefully they’ve brought the wow factor.

Catch The Super Mario Bros. Movie when it arrives in theaters on April 5.

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