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To advance and progress in Survivalists, you need to be crafting, and a lot too. The crafting is straightforward, but what happens when you need to find the necessary resources to start crafting?

The Survivalists: Where to Find Metal

Well, metal, gold, and gems are probably some of the scarcest materials. To find these materials, you need to work a bit harder than for the other resources.

Today, we will cover where to find metal in The Survivalists.

Where to Find Metal in The Survivalists

where to find metal

To get metal you will need to understand the basics. To find materials from this family, such as gold ores and gems, you need to go into volcanic biomes.

These volcanic biomes have more rocks, because of the environment. With that being said, these rocks can’t be found on your first island.

So, where to find metal? Well, ideally, you should sail to other volcanic islands.

They look like rocks, with small shaped shiny objects. These are called Metal Veins. The gold gathering spots look similar, with different color.

However, the volcanic islands are really hot and you can’t walk on them because that depletes your health very fast. But there are workarounds to this problem.

The first way is to use the Elixir from the second task in the game. This Elixir will make you invulnerable to environment effects. Environment effects can be met when in swampy or volcanic areas.

This is a good way since you can run around yourself, while in the second one, you can’t. The second way is to train your monkeys to gather metal themselves.

You can do this by going to a location with metal and using the train button. Click the train button and go mine a rock. After that, quickly give your pickaxes to the monkeys.

Along with volcanic areas, you can get metal also from caves or so-called temples. In caves you can come across s good amount of rocks. However, the main problem is danger.

train monkey the survivalists

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