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There are few better ways to kick back and relax than by watching a great film. And, thanks to the proliferation of a vast array of online streaming sites like 123Movies, it’s never been easier. There’s no need to rummage around in your DVD collection, only to watch the same film you’ve already seen 20 times. Now, you have a whole universe of cinematic delights at your disposal in just a few clicks.

11 Best Sites Like 123Movies

Whilst 123Movies is one of the premier places to find movies online, there are many great alternatives out there. That’s why, in this article, we’re here to introduce you to some more websites like 123Movies. So, if you’re after more choice, more convenience and (most importantly!) more movies, then read on—this article is for you !

So what is 123movies?

It would be remiss of us to start this article about sites like 123Movies without nodding in the direction of the original site itself. We’re sure most of you are already acquainted with 123Movies – but, just in case, here’s a quick primer.

123Movies is one of the most popular film and TV streaming websites on the internet. Why is it so popular? There are a few key reasons.

First is the sheer scale of the site. 123Movies offers a huge range of TV series and movies in both HD and standard definition. This means that you should have no trouble finding something to watch – no matter what you feel like watching.

Next is 123Movies’ ease of use . Some sites make it a real chore to find the movies you want to watch. Not so with 123Movies. This website categorises films and TV show by both genre and country, as well as offering a rundown of the movies with the highest ratings on IMDB. There’s even a featured list, showcasing the latest and greatest movies on the site.

Finally, there’s no registration required. This removes the hassle that comes with many online streaming sites, and means that all you have to do is visit the website, choose your movie, and watch to your heart’s content.

Sites Like 123Movies

With its varied selection of both movies and TV shows, it’s clear that 123Movies is going to be a tough contender to beat. However, there’s no shortage of challengers looking to take on the current #1. Below, you’ll find some of our picks for top sites like 123Movies. Check them out, and see if you find a new favourite!


Netflix is one of the largest TV show and movie hosts out there! From just a small amount of cash every month you can explore millions of TV-shows and movies. Netflix is not only the largest in the world, but also legal to use. We always think you should try out the legal sites instead of spending your time on illegal streaming. You are most likely gonna get caught, so it’s not worth the risk.

Visit Netflix


One of the biggest and best around, Putlocker’s selection of movies and TV shows is (almost!) beyond compare. Putlocker works in a very similar way to sites like 123Movies: rather than hosting all of the content on its own servers, Putlocker instead links to external hosts. After all, it would be practically impossible to store so many movies on just one site!

Though Putlocker lacks the country filter that proves so useful on 123Movies, it makes up for it by adding in the ability to display films by their year of release. So, whether you’re looking for the latest summer blockbuster or for a timeless classic, you’re sure to find it with ease on Putlocker.

As an added bonus, there’s no registration required! Watch on your computer, tablet or mobile device, and enjoy the latest movies with no fuss.

Unfortunately Putlocker is no longer available.


Third on our list of top websites like 123Movies is Primewire. Much like 123Movies, this site offers its users a fantastic selection of the best movies and TV shows, ensuring you never miss out on the latest entertainment.

However, there are a few key differences that set Primewire apart from its competitors. First, the site adds music to its repertoire—an extra dimension that most other sites like 123Movies miss out on. Better yet, it offers several links for each film, meaning that you needn’t worry if a particular link goes down – there’s always a backup!

Nevertheless, there are a couple of downsides, too. Primewire’s layout, at the time of writing, is somewhat more dated than many other websites like 123Movies, which employ a simpler, more modern design.

You’ll also need to sign up for an account on Primewire, which makes watching the latest films a little more of a hassle. Still, Primewire remains one of our top picks for sites like 123Movies due to the variety of content on offer. So, whether you’re a music lover or movie buff, why not try it out?

Visit Primewire


No rundown of sites like 123Movies would be complete without FMovies . This site has attracted a great number of users, positioning it as one of the key competitors to 123Movies – and it’s easy to see why.

FMovies boasts a clean, simple design, with no intrusive advertising to spoil your viewing experience. This means that you can simply sit back, relax, and watch your favourite films and TV series in peace. If you’re a regular user of 123Movies, then you’ll find FMovies’ layout pleasantly familiar.

Using the navigation bar at the top, you can filter the site’s impressive selection of content by genre, country, and release date. There’s also a separate Anime tab, which gives this site the edge for any otaku out there!

FMovies is one of the best websites like 123Movies for anyone seeking a fuss-free experience. It couldn’t be simpler – so try it out!

Visit FMovies


Whilst some the names of some websites seem to be plucked out of thin air, WatchFree is, thankfully, not one of them. In fact, this site does exactly what it says on the tin—it lets you watch movies and TV shows for free!

WatchFree’s simple grid layout places an emphasis on finding the latest and hottest films available. This makes this site especially well suited to anyone looking to watch the newest releases from the comfort of their own home.

However, if you’re looking for something a little older or more niche, then fear not. Whilst WatchFree doesn’t have the same convenient nav bar as sites like 123Movies or FMovies, it does have an easy to use search bar, as well as a sort by genre tool. It’s clear to see that WatchFree has something for everyone.

Its particular focus on new films, however, means that this is the site to go for if you want to bring the cinema to your living room!

Visit WatchFree


Out of all the sites like 123Movies we’ve featured so far, none have quite the same visual appeal as #6 on our list: Vumoo.

This site eschews cluttered navigation bars and grid formats to offer a bold, simple web page which is closer in appearance to Netflix than many of the other sites listed here.

Its polished appearance helps provide one clue as to why it’s become so popular – but it’s far from the only reason why. As with many sites like 123Movies, Vumoo also comes complete with a wide selection of both movies and TV shows.

There’s also a carousel of movies which are “popular this week” – great if you need a little inspiration! In short, Vumoo offers a classy look with and intuitive UX and some real substance behind it all. What’s not to like?

Visit Vumoo


So far, our rundown of sites like 123Movies has offered sites which allow you to sort by country, genre, and year of release. However, nothing so far has offered the ability to sort by actor or director.

Enter LosMovies . LosMovies shares many features in common with sites like 123Movies, including a brilliant selection of the latest films, together with an intuitive layout.

However, it also adds a simple A-Z sort feature, together with the ability to select 3D films and films with subtitles. The site’s filter by actor feature, meanwhile, is great for anyone looking to follow the careers of their favourite stars. If you’re more interested in who’s behind the camera, you can also filter by director.

LosMovies may not have the freshest design around, but it’s clear that what it lacks in style, it more than makes up for in usability and versatility. If you’re looking for alternative websites to 123Movies, you should definitely give it a try!

Visit LosMovies


If you’ve ever used the Netflix app, you’ll be familiar with its carousels of movies and TV series, sorted into categories and genres. One site like 123Movies that’s clearly taken inspiration from Netflix is Rainierland.

This site’s design gives it a premium feel, and makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for. It couldn’t be simpler to find the site’s recommended and recently added movies, while the search bar at the top of the page gives you the freedom to search for what you want, when you want.

Rainierland is another site that’s primarily dedicated to helping people find the newest films around. You’ll notice that the navigation bar proudly features links to this year’s movies – as well as last year’s, in case you’ve got some catching up to do!

With the ability to find top movies from IMDB in just one click, Rainierland positions itself as the best choice for movie buffs. If you’re one of them, then why not try it today?

Unfortunately Rainierland is no longer available.


On first glance, OnlineHDMovies may not look quite as slick as some other sites like 123Movies. However, appearances can be deceiving, and there’s plenty going on here to make OnlineHDMovies worth a visit.

As with many sites like 123Movies, OnlineHDMovies places the latest movies front and centre on its homepage. However, it also offers navigation links that make it easier than ever to view the last 20 years of cinema in just a few clicks.

In the sidebar, you’ll notice that films are categorised by genre – and with thousands available for streaming at any time, you’re unlikely to run out any time soon! Meanwhile, the advanced search feature makes it a breeze to find even the most obscure of films. To finish off, this site couldn’t really call itself OnlineHDMovies without some, well, HD movies.

Luckily, this makes it super easy to find them, with an HD Movies link right at the top of the page! So, if you’re after the highest quality films around, then look no further.

Unfortunately Rainierland is no longer available.


We’ll be amongst the first to admit that TinklePad perhaps isn’t the most promising name. Luckily, this doesn’t refer to a brand of cat litter, but instead to one of the best sites like 123Movies around.

This site allows you to both stream and download the latest films, with a carousel of top films appearing at the top of the page above a grid of the most recently added films on the site. To make finding your favourites that little bit easier, the site offers the ability to filter by year of release and genre in addition to the classic search bar.

Meanwhile, TinklePad also showcases new releases, featured films, and movies that are highly rated by the site’s users. The ability to give each film a rating from 1-5 stars is yet another bonus on a site that already comes packed with great movies. So, don’t judge this site by its somewhat amusing name – a TinklePad by any other name would smell as sweet!

TinklePad is now known as 5movies


The final entry in our list of sites like 123Movies is NewMoviesOnline . You might not have come across this site yet, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth trying out.

First off, we haven’t come across any site that makes it quite as easy to find films by genre. The site links to a whopping twenty-four genres right from the homepage. So, if you know which kind of film you’re in the mood for, it’s never been so easy to get it!

NewMoviesOnline also provides some of the usual nav bar features, such as a search bar, and links to new and popular movies and TV series.

There’s also a strong focus on newer films, with the past four years of release appearing right below the navigation bar. This may not be the most well known choice on our list, but, with a little digging, it’s easy to see why NewMoviesOnline is one of our recommended sites like 123Movies. Why not give it a shot?

Unfortunately NewMoviesOnline is no longer available.

That’s all about 123movies, folks

We’ve already provided a great selection of sites like 123Movies – in addition, of course, to the original itself. Which one of these is best? That’s up to you! If you have any more suggestions for great websites like 123Movies, then feel free to let us know via the comments. Until then, sit back and enjoy the movies!

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