Top 5 Easiest Enchantments To Get in Minecraft 1.18


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Here are the top 5 easiest and quickest enchantments to obtain in Minecraft 1.18.

Top 5 Easiest Enchantments To Get in Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft is filled with all kinds of mobs—half of which are hostile towards the player. The player’s ultimate goal in playing the game is to survive the countless hazards thrown at them. Thus to make survival easier for players, the game offers a wide range of enchantments that players can use to equip their weapons, armors, and tools with better and upgraded stats.

Some enchantments are cheap and easy to obtain, especially in an early game scenario. As enchantments can significantly help a player, some might even be crucial for players to obtain as early as they can to hasten their game progress. With that in mind, here is a list of the top 5 easiest enchantments to get since the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update’s release.

5. Knockback

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Although the Knockback enchantment may not be the best enchantment to equip in your sword, it can prove to be crucial for early game players, especially when up against a ton of hostile mobs. As its name implies, the Knockback enchantment knocks enemies backward with a swing of your sword. Normally, a regular sword will still knock enemies back even without the enchantment. But the Knockback enchantment will greatly increase how far the enemies will be thrown back. This enchantment is best used against hostile mobs such as creepers, as they tend to blow up only when near the player.

4. Sharpness

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The Sharpness enchantment is not only a great enchantment for swords and axes, but it is easy to obtain early in the game. The Sharpness enchantment increases the base attack damage of melee weapons like the sword. The higher its upgrade level, the stronger the weapon will be. And although acquiring it at a lower rank may not seem very helpful at first, you will find it still makes killing mobs a lot quicker than using a weapon without it.

3. Protection

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The Protection enchantment is good to obtain early in the game as you progress with each upgrade that you equip in your armor. As one of the best basic enchantments in the game, the Protection enchantment will be vital in making you survive longer in fights. Although the Protection enchantment may not protect you from fire damage, explosion damage, and aerial attacks, it is still strong against melee attacks from hostile mobs, especially zombies, endermen, and the like.

2. Unbreaking

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Having your tools and equipment break at the worst possible time may lead to unforeseen accidents. But when you equip your tools and gears with the Unbreaking enchantment, they can have prolonged durability—enabling you to use them more often without fearing it will break anytime. This can be helpful, especially for players who just obtained their first diamond or netherite equipment.

1. Efficiency

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Collecting, harvesting, and gathering resources and items are the core of a Minecraft survival game mode. With each use of a tool, its durability decreases. Basic tools without any upgrade can also become too time-consuming for players who want to continue gathering materials during the daytime where hostile mobs cannot spawn. Each action you do as a player will consume at least a second in the game. To maximize time and gather as many resources as possible, you must equip your tools with the Efficiency enchantment. In this way, you can quickly gather or collect materials in a matter of seconds as opposed to taking about 5 seconds to break a single block. With the Efficiency enchantment, players can progress rather quickly early on.

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