How to Unlink your Phone Number in VALORANT


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Smurfs begone!

How to Unlink your Phone Number in VALORANT

Riot Games has just released their brand new Tournament-based game mode called Premier. Currently, Riot Games is conducting a test run of the feature before they fully release the official version later in the year.

You can join Premier and build a team with players from any rank, but they’ll have to link a phone number to their VALORANT account first to be eligible to play in tournaments. Players can also unlink their phone numbers if they wish to do so. However, there are a few conditions you must know about before you decide to do the latter.

In this quick guide, we will show you how to Unlink your phone number from your VALORANT account.

What is your Phone Number for VALORANT?

At the start of VALORANT Episode 6 Act 3, Riot Games added an in-game Tournament game mode called Premier. Through Premier, players can form teams and participate in weekly matches to earn enough points to qualify for Playoffs.

Before players can even create a team in Premier, they will have to Link their phone number to their VALORANT Account. Riot Games aims to provide a level playing field for VALORANT Premier matches, so they have implemented phone number verification to curb Smurfing attempts in the highly-competitive Premier.

What happens when you Unlink your Phone Number?

Phone number verification is put in place to ensure players can only really use one account (typically their main account) if they decide to join Premier. If you’re thinking about Unlinking your phone number from your current VALORANT Account, you’re free to do so. However, Unlinking your phone number comes with a penalty.

Riot Games allows players to Unlink their phone number from their League of Legends or VALORANT account. However, a 6-month ban will be placed on that phone number before you can reuse the same phone number on a different Riot Games account, and you will no longer be eligible to play Premier after you unlink the phone number.

With that said, you are allowed to Link the same number on the same VALORANT Account at any time.

How to Unlink your Phone Number in VALORANT

You can easily unlink your phone number from your VALORANT Account. Just be aware of the 6-month ban that will immediately be imposed on the phone number enrolled on your VALORANT Account.

  1. Launch the VALORANT Settings menu:
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2. Click on the “Unlink” button under the “Account” section of the General Tab:

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3. A verification window will pop up to confirm your action. Click “Confirm” to accept the terms and unlink your phone number from your VALORANT account.

image 26

Unverified Account

Unlinking your phone number from your VALORANT account will result in a 6-month ban on the Phone Number you initially used to verify your account. Refer to the guide above to Unlink your Phone Number from your current VALORANT Account.

Riot Games saw a great opportunity to curb potential Smurfing in their new tournament mode through Phone Number verification, which forces players to enroll their Phone Numbers on their main accounts, ensuring players will only use their real ranks when creating teams in Premier.

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