Is It Worth Getting Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story? – Answered


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Learn whether or not it is worth getting Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story!

Is It Worth Getting Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story? - Answered

Being an avid fan of Legends of Legends for more than ten years, I was beyond excited when I first heard about Song of Nunu—a new game featuring some of the champions from LoL—being released. So, I had to try it out when it was released on November 1, 2023.

Developed by Tequila Works and Published by Riot Forge, the game highlights the adventure of Nunu and Willump on their journey to find Nunu’s mother in the vast land of Freljord. Song of Nunu delivers all it has promised and more in this amazing single-player adventure game. But is the game worth every penny? Read on to find out.

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Is It Worth Getting Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story. There won’t be any spoilers regarding the game’s story and elements, so rest assured.

Story, Setting, and Characters

The story is set in the fictional cold region of Freljord. We follow the adventures of the main protagonist, Nunu, and his best friend, Willump—a fun and loving Yeti who is the last of his kind.

A picture of Nunu and Willump in Song of Nunu
Source: Riot Forge / YouTube

The premise is centered around their epic journey to locate Nunu’s mother, relying heavily on the interactions of each character and the inseparable bond between the two best friends.

If you’ve ever played Legends of Legends or are familiar with the fictional world of Runeterra, it is no surprise that you will be met with a couple of familiar faces throughout the game. They will either help you on your journey or stop you from reaching your goal. Including these champions in League of Legends in the story adds a nice touch as it expands the game’s setting.

Overall, the narrative is quite enjoyable and may seem childish—but in a good way—as it brings fun and wholesome elements to the story.

Gameplay and Exploration

Song of Nunu’s gameplay revolves around platforming, exploration, and solving a couple of puzzles here and there. Some of the puzzles are more complex than they seem to be, and most would make good use of the character’s abilities.

Moving around while on Willump makes traversing easy and fast, while on Nunu, the pace can seem very slow and dragging.

A screenshot of a puzzle in Song of Nunu.
Source: Riot Forge / YouTube

The gameplay also incorporates using Nunu’s flute to create and play music in solving puzzles. Aside from that, there are fun themes such as sliding down ice paths and using snowballs to destroy obstacles.

As for platforming, you must cross lakes, jump across gaps, and climb walls—pretty much limited to a linear-type adventure game.

A screenshot of the platforming in Song of Nunu.
Source: Riot Forge / YouTube

However, whether you are playing as Nunu or Willump, you will have fun hopping around trying to reach the next level, as the game easily restarts at the last checkpoint in case you fail or fall during a jump.


The combat aspect of the game is made fairly simple. It doesn’t take much skill to dodge the enemy’s attacks and only requires you to move left or right.

A screenshot of the combat system in Song of Nunu.
Source: Riot Forge / YouTube

Throughout the game, you won’t encounter much challenge in facing enemies or dodging their attacks since they usually have a long wind-up animation before releasing their next move.

Although the combat isn’t the greatest, it does, however, bring something new to the experience by breaking up the gameplay loop.


Overall, the Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is an amazing game with an immersive gameplay that outshines its minor flaws. The story, the interactions, and the game as a whole packs quite a punch—bringing you on a rollercoaster of emotions that will get you hooked on each of the characters.

A picture of Nunu and Willump in Song of Nunu.
Source: Riot Forge / YouTube

Despite the minimal flaws in the combat aspect of the game, Song of Nunu is a brilliant game that is a great addition to the ever-growing lineup of games based on the fictional universe of Runeterra. The game is well-paced, immersive, and engaging, and it is guaranteed to be worth your while.

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