How to Get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant


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Get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant.

How to Get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant

To celebrate the release of the Arcane animated series, Riot Games released a limited-time event called RiotX Arcane in Valorant. The RiotX Arcane event brought a new cosmetic bundle called the Arcane Collection and an Arcane-themed Battle Pass. The latter comes with a limited-time Player Card in the Arcane Jinx Card.

If you’re wondering how to get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant, we have you covered. This quick guide will show you how to get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant.

What is the Arcane Jinx Card?

The Arcane Jinx Card is an exclusive Player Card released during the RiotXArcane event. The Player Card features a popular League of Legends character and Arcane series protagonist Jinx.

Arcane Jinx Player Card

The Episode 3 exclusive event also brought the Arcane Collector’s Set, which carries the Arcane Sheriff Weapon Skin and Monkey Business Gun Buddy. Other cosmetic items include the Fishbones Gun Buddy, Arcane Poro Gun Buddy, and Loose Cannon Spray.

How to get the Arcane Jinx Card?

You can only get the Arcane Jinx Card for free with an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription. Before getting the Arcane Jinx Card, you must link your Valorant Account to your Amazon Prime Gaming Account.

  1. Create an Amazon Prime Gaming Account.
  2. Navigate to the Valorant section on the Prime Gaming webpage.
  3. Click on “Claim” to get the Arcane Jinx Card.

You can still get the Arcane Jinx Card with the Amazon Prime Gaming 7-day trial. Just claim the Arcane Jinx Card and unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Gaming afterward.

Can you still get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant?

Unfortunately, you can no longer get the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant. The RiotXArcane cosmetic items were time-limited offerings you could only get while the event was live in Episode 3.

The Arcade Jinx Card was even more exclusive, as only players with a Prime Gaming subscription could access the Player Card.

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There is no way to get previous Player Cards in Valorant since Riot Games only offers Weapon Skins and bundles in the in-game store. Whether past Player Cards, such as the Arcane Jinx, will be added to the in-game store is unknown.

Riot X Arcane

If you’re a Valorant and League of Legends fan, you may still want to get your hands on the Arcane Jinx Card in Valorant. Unfortunately, the Arcane Jinx Player Card is no longer available, and whether it will be made available again, in-game is unknown. You will just have to wait.

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