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Monster Hunter Rise gives players a lot of ways to play the game. The developers at Capcom wanted players to be able to pick and choose the playstyle they want. This new game mechanic gives you a whole new perspective and approach to the game’s increasingly difficult hunts. Continue reading to learn more about Switch Skills.

How to Unlock and Use Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise

Switch Skills

Switch Skills give players the ability to change their playstyle in Monster Hunter Rise. If you’re using a weapon that makes you feel limited, then it’s time to change your Weapon Switch Skills to a style that better fits you. You will be able to change your weapon combos and open a whole new way to hunt and capture monsters that plague Kamura Village.

All 14 weapon classes have their own and unique Switch Skills. You might love wielding the bow but feel like solo hunts are too tedious, you can change weapon types at the camp, but this is more like a bandaid. The Switch Skills make each weapon versatile and adaptable in any hunt. It consists of two (2) regular attacks and one (1) Silkbind Attack.

Regular attacks and the Silkbind Attack can be swapped with these skills before and even during a hunt. They are basically abilities that give your weapon new attack combos and therefore more capabilities. Be it flying wyverns, agile monsters, or Elder Dragons: there’s a Weapon Switch Skill perfect for you.

Each weapon class has a total of three different Switch Skills. These skills aren’t for everybody and you need to equip and test each one of them to know which one you are more comfortable with; these are not accessible right out of the box. You will need to grind and hunt to figure out how to unlock these Switch Skills. If you’re itching to unlock them as soon as possible, then this guide is exactly what you need.

Unlocking Switch Skills

You will be able to unlock these Switch Skills sequentially; It also depends on what and how often you use and craft a certain weapon class. The key person to access these is Master Utsushi in the Gathering Hub. Each Switch Skill can be unlocked one after another after meeting certain requirements.

Switch Skill #1

The first Switch Skill is unlocked for all 14 weapon classes after you reach the Village 3-star quests or Hub 2-star quests. Master Utsushi in the Gathering Hub will have a conversation bubble. Talk to him to gain access to the first switch skill.

Switch Skill #2

The second Switch Skill is unlocked individually for each weapon, unlike the first one. The requirements are simple: craft 5 different variations of a certain weapon class. So if you intend to unlock all the switch skills of all 14 weapon classes go ahead and craft five of each. It’s not gonna be cheap, though. It’s gonna cost you a lot of materials and zenny, especially for just-starting hunters.

Switch Skill #3

When you reach Hunter Rank (HR) 4 you will unlock 4 new quests from Master Utsushi. As you reach a higher HR you can get these quests fairly rapidly. Each successful hunt unlocks a set of weapon Switch Skills. They are as follows:

  • HR 4 — Sword & Shield, Hunting Horn, Switch Axe, and Light Bowgun
  • HR 5 — Great Sword, Hammer, Lance, Charge Blade, and Heavy Bowgun
  • HR 6 — Long Sword, Dual Blades, Gunlance, Insect Glaive, and Bow

Equipping the Switch Skills

You can change Switch Skills anywhere as long as there is an item box. The following places with an item box are:

  1. Your Room
  2. Buddy Plaza
  3. Steelworks (beside Hinoa)
  4. Gathering Hub
  5. Training Area
  6. Hub Prep Area
  7. Camp Tent (on missions)

After you’ve unlocked a Switch Skill, approach the item box nearest you to swap moves. Before changing the switch skills, make sure you’re equipped with the corresponding weapon you want to use. Choose Manage Equipment then change to the weapon you want. The Switch Skills will change depending on the weapon class you’re wielding.

Once you’re equipped with your desired weapon, go to the Change Switch Skill option. You will see there are three slots numbered 1 to 3. If you have yet to unlock a switch skill for your equipped weapon, the slot will be locked and unchangeable. The first two skills are regular moves and the third one is the Silkbind Attack. You can mix and match these three Switch Skills to your liking.

As you decide which Switch Skill to choose, you can find the description of the move and the corresponding button controls needed to execute them. It is recommended to go to the Training Area to test these skills out before going on an actual hunt. You’ll know which skills you have equipped as indicated by a small “E” icon on the skill.

The 14 weapon classes have a combined 42 switch skills. You can mix these up per weapon to try and see which one best works for you. There is no one right combination of skills and what will ultimately carry you through a hunt is your ability to use these skills and the many, many tools and techniques available in the game.

That said, the Training Area can only go so far to help you master these skills. Equip your best weapon and armor. Match and decide on your Switch Skills and fill your pouch with tools and items. Experience is life’s best teacher and in Monster Hunter Rise as well. Embark on your hunts to keep Kamura VIllage in one piece. And with the aid of the flashy Switch Skills – do it in style!


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