How To Use Cheats in Minecraft



They say that cheaters never win. But in Minecraft, they can at least pull off some pretty cool tricks.

How To Use Cheats in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players across multiple platforms thanks to its unique gameplay and challenging survival elements. At the same time, the game’s survival mode can be challenging, as some players find it difficult to defeat bosses or gather resources for an adventure.

In a Minecraft world, if players are using cheats, they will have access to a plethora of commands to change the core mechanisms and settings of the game itself. Turning on cheats in your Minecraft world unlocks dozens of chat commands that let you easily control the game. You can change the weather, teleport anywhere, and summon or slay enemies as you like to the point that it’s a whole new game.

What are Cheats?

Players can use cheats to make their gaming experience easier and more enjoyable. Fortunately, Minecraft has a variety of cheats and console commands that can make the experience much easier. Using Minecraft cheats, the players can use multiple skills like teleporting across the map, gaining experience, changing the difficulty level, and more.

These cheats can be handy when fighting tough bosses like the Ender Dragon and Wither. In Java Edition, the option to enable cheats in the world is only present when a new world is created.

Once the player uses a cheat and enters the game, there is no direct way to enable or disable them. Over the years, players have often felt the need to enable or disable cheats in the existing world but could not do so since there is no dedicated toggle for it in Java Edition.

However, there is a simple way to allow cheats in an existing world temporarily. Both versions of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock) let you turn on cheats when you’re first creating a world or once you’re inside. Here’s how to set it up.

Temporarily enable cheats in Minecraft Java Edition

Using cheats after creating a world is quite difficult in the Java Edition of Minecraft. Because there is no dedicated option in the settings to enable it, players can temporarily use cheats in the game from the LAN settings in the pause menu.

This means that players must open their world through LAN to allow cheats in the game. Once they start to play in a LAN world, they will gain access and can enter commands and play the game with cheats easily.

All of the players must need to take note of this because it is the only method available for Java Edition, and it comes with a small downside: If the player tries to restart the world, the LAN settings will reset back to their original settings, which toggles the cheats off. In such cases, players must reopen the pause menu and use the cheats from LAN settings after they enter the world.

Activating cheats in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you are playing in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using a keyboard, you can enter Minecraft commands and cheats much in the same way as Java Edition. When you are in a world with cheats enabled, press ‘/’ to bring up the chat menu already with a slash in the text box.

Regarding the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, activating and using cheats in this world is easier. Once in the world, go to the pause menu and scroll down to the world settings. Now type in your command and press enter to run it.

Below the toggle, several other options will be stopping the day-night cycle, retaining inventory, changing mob spawning, and much more. Cheats can be switched on and off at any moment in Bedrock Edition. Enabling cheats in Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a simple process, but it is important to note that doing so will disable achievements permanently, even if cheats are later turned off.

With cheats enabled, you can access a range of helpful commands and shortcuts, like teleporting to specific locations, summoning creatures, and changing the time of day.

What can players do after enabling cheats in a world?

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Minecraft has built-in cheats that allow players to change the game’s playstyle, enabling the player to play smoothly and easily. The cheats are executed by typing certain commands in the chat box.

Other than simple commands like locating biomes and teleporting, players can even change the entire rules of the game. They can acquire special items like debug sticks, command blocks, and many more to execute impossible things.

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You can use Minecraft cheats and commands to alter features of your world and make things easier. This includes changing the time of day, enchanting gear, or teleporting around. You can open the chat box and enter commands if cheats are enabled.

These cheat features are available for Java and Bedrock, so you can use console commands on consoles, not just PCs.

While Minecraft cheat codes can be fun and give you an advantage, they can also harm the game’s balance. Cheats can make the game way too easy and take away the sense of accomplishment from playing the game legitimately.

Cheats can also give players an unfair advantage in multiplayer mode, which can ruin the experience for other players. Just be aware that enabling cheats will permanently disable achievements, so use them wisely! You might not need to use Minecraft cheats to enjoy a game like Minecraft.

However, it can be an enjoyable experience when Minecraft cheats are added to the mix. Altogether, cheats have been around since the early days of gaming history. Since then, they have become an integral part of the ecosystem.

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