How To Use A Sponge in Minecraft



Just like in real life, sponges soak up water in Minecraft. This special ability is what makes this block unique and valuable. Here is a guide on using a sponge in Minecraft.

How To Use A Sponge in Minecraft

Conquering an ocean monument can mean a ton of loot and rewards for the player. They can have an endless supply of prismarine shards and crystals, mine blocks of gold, and earn a ton of experience points. But there is another benefit to conquering an ocean monument, and it lies hidden inside. There is a special room called the sponge room wherein a player can gather multiple wet sponges. These sponges are one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft as they can only be found inside ocean monuments. Sponges will absorb water, thereby allowing air to pass through in a single underwater room. This can not only open up the possibility of creating an underwater base but also build underwater structures.

Where Can You Get Sponges?

There are two ways to obtain sponges in Minecraft, and it is either as a drop from a specific mob or as loot from ocean monuments.

Elder Guardian

elder guardian

Elder guardians are gigantic aquatic mobs that guard the ocean monument. Elder Guardians are the cause of mining fatigue that is inflicted on the player upon reaching an ocean monument. Each ocean monument will only spawn three elder guardians: one inside the penthouse room and one inside the left and right wings, all of which drop one wet sponge when killed. They are the only known mob in Minecraft to drop wet sponges.

Ocean Monument

sponge room

The ocean monument is a massive underwater structure in Minecraft that guardians and elder guardians heavily guard. Ocean monuments always generate “sponge rooms,” which are small rooms filled with wet sponges. Players can gather up to 30 wet sponges from a single room. Wet sponges can be gathered by hand or any tool; however, hoes tend to break them faster.

How To Use A Sponge?


Sponges are used for absorbing water, just like in reality. However, sponges in Minecraft are a little different. As most players know, the world of Minecraft is composed of blocks: both solid and non-solid blocks. Water and air are no different. A sponge’s purpose is to absorb water when it comes into contact with a water block next to it. This will then turn the water block into an air block.

Once a sponge has done its purpose, it will immediately turn into a wet sponge and not absorb any more water. A sponge can only absorb water blocks up to 7 blocks away in all directions. Taking note of this fact will help with strategically placing sponges inside water-filled rooms and areas.

How To Dry A Wet Sponge?


Wet sponges are sponges that are already filled with water and thus cannot absorb any more water. To dry a wet sponge and make it reusable, place a wet sponge and a fuel source in a furnace. You can stack multiple wet sponges together in one furnace, but the smelting process dries the sponges one at a time. Once the wet sponge becomes a regular sponge, you can then remove it from the furnace and reuse the sponge again.

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