Valheim: Cheat Sword Craft & Stats


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Since Iron Gate is a much more flexible development company, partly due to its indie title, the developers are known to implement some interesting and questionable things into the game.

Valheim: Cheat Sword Craft & Stats

One of them is the Cheat Sword, which is reported to do upwards of ten thousand damage per hit. However, before many get excited about this sword, one cannot ignore the fact that it has the word “cheat” in the name.

This is because the sword is implemented into the game, but in order to get this sword, one must utilize the cheat commands in Valheim.

Cheat Sword Craft & Stats – Valheim

It is very obvious that this sword is not intended for any other use, than for lols only. Since it does more than 10 thousand damage, we really don’t see any practical use for it in the future, if its stats aren’t altered.

With the cheat commands in Valheim, players can do many things, and that includes spawning stuff. Along with the cheater sword, one can also spawn other swords that are scheduled to come into the game, like the secret fire sword.

Nonetheless, if you’re okay with cheating, or you want to have some fun in your Valheim world, then you can spawn the cheat sword relatively easily:

  1. Launch Valheim and go into your world.
  2. Open the console using F5.
  3. After that, type this command: “imacheater”.
  4. Then, you can spawn the cheat sword with the following command: “spawn SwordCheat 1”.

NOTE: Make sure that you type in the commands exactly as is, because the console in Valheim is case-sensitive.

Cheat Sword Stats

You might be surprised to see some of the stats of this sword. As we said, this sword will probably never enter the game, and it is more for fun rather than an actual item.

Here are some of the Cheat sword stats:

  • One-handed
  • Weight: 2,0
  • Slash: 10000
  • Block Power: 10
  • Parry Force: 0
  • Parry Bonus: x2
  • Knockback: 40
  • Backstab: x3
  • Movement Speed: -5%

Iron Gate has always been known to make fun of cheaters. One particular example is the command to activate cheats, which is “imacheater”. As for this sword’s description, it just says: “Cheater!”.

Nonetheless, if you want to have some fun with your buddies, or on a separate world in Valheim, then it is quite interesting to have 10k slash damage!

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