VALORANT: 5 Best Agents To Play On Lotus


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Players are still exploring the possibilities on VALORANT’s newest map regarding Agent compositions.

VALORANT: 5 Best Agents To Play On Lotus

Lotus isn’t the first time VALORANT players had to maneuver their way across three bomb sites in a single map. Everyone who is played VALORANT has probably played Haven at least once in their career and knows exactly what it takes to win in a triple bombsite map.

Despite having a similar base layout (three bombsites), Lotus offers several unique map elements that separate it from other maps in VALORANT. And since the map is so new, players are still trying to figure out the best Agents to play on the map that will give them the competitive edge they need to dominate the opposition.

With this in mind, we have shortlisted the best Agents to play on Lotus so that you can dominate on the map with the least effort.

Best Agents on Lotus

If you’ve got the skills of a pro player such as TenZ, then you probably do not have to worry too much about the Agents you pick on Lotus, as you’ll easily crush your enemies with raw skill alone.

Unfortunately, there’s no other player like TenZ, and we mere mortals have nowhere near the skill and talent that pro players possess. As such, we must take as much competitive advantage as possible to level the playing field.

Picking the right Agents on Lotus is crucial to your team’s success. Check out the Agents featured below and try them out on your next Lotus game.


6 10

Killjoy is one of the most successful Agents in the game right now in terms of sheer win rate. Lotus’ narrow entryways and tight corners can help accentuate Killjoy’s abilities and help her shine on the map.

With Killjoy’s Nanoswam, Alarm Bot, and Turret, Killjoy can easily facilitate site defense on Lotus. With Lockdown, retakes should be a breeze as well.

If you are looking to play Sentinel on Lotus, you cannot go wrong with picking Killjoy on the map. Her ability to cover multiple spots on the map is invaluable, especially since there are more bombsites on Lotus than on most other maps in VALORANT.


1 13

Lotus ended up being one of the biggest maps in the game, which is understandable since the devs needed a ton of map space to house three bombsites simultaneously.

The ability to secure positions on the map before the enemy team can set up their attack is essential on Lotus, and no other Agent can cover as much space in such a short time as Neon.

Neon’s High Gear lets her breach the maximum movement speed in VALORANT for a short period. This burst of speed will give Neon the advantage when taking up space on the map and securing entry lanes toward the bombsite when attacking. On defense, Neon’s insane speed can help her circle the map and initiate her solo flank on the enemy team.


2 13

Omen’s Paranoia is still one of the strongest flash abilities in the game. It shines on Lotus, where Paranoia’s broad coverage can easily drive away key entryways into any bombsite on the map.

Omen’s Dark Cover can also be great for smoking off key areas on the map, and the ability to re-smoke later on in the round can be an invaluable ability on a map such as Lotus.


3 10

You’ll need as much smoke cover as possible on a triple-bombsite map such as Lotus, which is why Brimstone easily made our list of some of the best Agents on Lotus.

Brimstone’s triple smoke can greatly affect Lotus, as it can cover a large amount of space around the map to aid with attack or defense. On the other hand, Stim Beacon can be a powerful tool for quickly closing the gap on unsuspecting enemies on the large map.

Lastly, Brimstone’s Ultimate Ability can be very strong on Lotus, as the bombsites are small enough and can easily be covered by Brimstone’s Orbital Strike.


4 12

Despite all the nerfs that the devs slapped on Viper, she remains a viable pick on almost any map in VALORANT.

You cannot fault Viper’s powerful Wall on Attacking and Defending Lotus – it can cover entire bombsites or even two if you know how to set it up properly. On top of Viper’s Wall, her Poison Cloud offers an additional smoke cover that you can use to choke important entryways around bombsites on Lotus. Finally, Viper’s Pit is arguably still a very powerful ability than can secure a Spike Plant whenever you have the ability available.

Overall, Viper can be a match-changing pick on Lotus. Be mindful of her fuel gauge and communicate with your teammates to maximize her abilities’ durations.

Developing Map Metas

Lotus is still a very new map, and players are still trying to find their way around the map, which means you’ll probably see a more diverse mix of team compositions right now as players experiment with various Agents.

With that said, some Agents can shine more on Lotus than other maps in VALORANT. It all comes down to a unique mix of Abilities that work well with Lotus’ unique layout and map composition.

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