VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Ascent



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VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Ascent

Ascent is one of the first-ever maps added to the VALORANT map pool when the game first came out two years ago. By now, players will have played hundreds of matches on the map with their favorite Agents and have a ton of default setups that works wonders for attacking or defending on the map.

Cypher mains will have a great time playing on Ascent, thanks to the various setups and traps they can place around the map. A-site and B-site are equally effective bombsites for Cypher players as well, which means that they can cycle between any of these areas when needed.

To set up his traps optimally, Cypher will need a good vision of the incoming enemy team without physically putting himself at risk. Learn the best Cypher camera spots on Ascent so you can spot and read the enemy team from various parts of Ascent.

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Ascent A-site

Cypher mains can choose to play A-site aggressively or passively, and it all depends on where you place your traps around the site.

Cypher’s Spycam can be placed basically anywhere on A-site as well. But the ones we have featured below will increase your Spycam’s chances of surviving throughout the rest of the round.


A-Rafters Jump Spycam

A-site Wall Spycam

A-site Entrance Spycam

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Ascent Middle

Generally, Cypher is best played on either A-site or B-site where he can set up and punish incoming Attackers as they try to enter the bomb site.

While middle is very important on Ascent, Cypher’s kit will not be as effective in defending the middle lane versus other bombsites on the map.

Nevertheless, leaving a Spycam in the Middle area will give you important information on enemy team players lurking around Tiles or Top Middle. You can still hold B-site manually with the rest of your trap setups.

A-Tree Spycam

Get on top of A-Tree Window
Stand on top of the barrels.
Stand on the table in pizza.

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Ascent B-site

If we had to pick one bombsite where Cypher can do the most damage, that would be B-site on Ascent.

B-site offers a ton of spots for Trap Wire setups and one-way Cybercage placements, all of which help to deter or trap incoming attackers on B-site.

As for Spycam placements on Ascent B-site, you will be better off using Cypher’s camera to locate and tag enemy team players as they enter B-site. The Spycam placements we have listed below will ensure you get the best view of the incoming enemy team before they spot and take down the Spycam for good.

B-Entrance Spycam

Jump to set up this Spycam.

B-Logs Spycam

You can see some of B-Main with this Spycam placement.

B-Main Spycam

B-Market/B-Lane Spycam

New-gen Stalking

Cypher’s Spycam is just as important as the rest of his kit. Without Spycam, triggering Cybercage just as your enemy trips the Trap Wire at the perfect time will be difficult. Spycam can also give you a good headcount of the enemy team and where they’re heading as they enter the bombsite. This should help you time your peek accurately and catch them as they come around the corner.

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