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Michael meets up with Mr. Richards to talk about a new movie.

GTA 5: Mr. Richards Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Warning! GTA 5 Plot/gameplay spoilers in this article.

After Michael successfully brought the stolen bonds to Devin Weston’s house back in Blitz Play, Devin Weston offered Michael a new job – steal a few cars and bring them back to Devin Weston in exchange for a chance to work with a renowned movie producer, Solomon Richards.

Michael, being a big fan of Solomon Richards’ movies, agrees and leaves Devin’s house. Michael asks for help from Franklin and Trevor to locate a few specific vehicles for Devin Weston, and after the three protagonists successfully steal the cars, Devin Weston set up a meeting between Michael and Solomon Richards as promised.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Mr. Richards mission and how you can get a Gold Medal finish in this guide.

Mr. Richards Synopsis

Michael finally gets a private meeting with his idol, Solomon Richards. After the two men play a quick game of “guess which movie this line is from,” Solomon quickly asks Michael about Devin Weston and how he suspects the latter to want to bump him off.

Michael swiftly declines, explaining to Solomon Richards that Devin Weston told Michael how Solomon was retiring and was thus needing some help on one last movie.

Solomon quickly shuts down the idea, telling Michael how he suspects both his son and Devin wants to drive him away to turn the Richards Majestic Productions into a condo or a theme park instead.

Solomon Richards then tells Michael about a movie he was currently working on titled “Meltdown.” After discussing the plot of the movie with Michael, Solomon shares the problem they’re currently facing with Milton McIlroy and his new agent Rocco Pelosi.

Michael already knows that Solomon Richards wants to be done, so he quickly heads to East Los Santos. While driving to the location, Solomon Richards gives him a call to fill him in with some more details. It was a good thing Solomon Richards gave Michael a call, though, as Michael would have “clipped” Rocco Pelosi without a second thought.

Instead, Solomon Richards asks Michael to teach Pelosi some manners and bring Milton McIlroy back to the set “in a more collaborative mood.”

After dealing with a few workers and sneaking his way around the building, Michael eventually comes face to face with Rocco Pelosi in the building’s helipad. One of his guards pulls a gun on Michael, but Pelosi challenges Michael to a fistfight instead.

Michael makes quick work of Pelosi and threatened to throw him off the roof if he doesn’t cooperate with Michael’s orders. Rocco agrees and scurries back into the building.

Michael then takes Milton McIlroy and Anton Beaudelaire’s helicopter and flies back to the production house, but not without flying the helicopter erratically to scare both talents and force them to submit to Michael’s orders.

Milton eventually submits to Michael and promises to apologize to Solomon Richards. Milton McIlroy and Anton Beaudelaire meet up with Solomon Richards at the production house’s parking lot where Milton apologizes to Solomon Richards.

Solomon Richards praises Michael for doing exactly what he asked and asks Michael if it was okay for Solomon to call him once in a while to help with the shoot. Solomon assigns Michael as one of the movie’s associate producers before walking back to his office.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time – Complete within 10:00.
    • The cutscenes will be almost 3 minutes long. Skip all cutscenes to buy yourself more time.
    • Fly straight to the studio.
  • Silent Assassin – Kill 3 enemies using stealth attacks.  
    • Using stealth attacks is a must as you will fail to complete this objective and the mission itself if any guards are alerted.
  • Can’t Touch This 2.0 – Take no damage during the fight with Rocco.
    • Keep punching to stagger Rocco. Don’t give Rocco a chance to punch back.
  • Perfect Touchdown – Land the Frogger without damaging it.

Mr. Richards Mission Guide

Make your way to East Los Santos to find Milton, Anton, and Rocco.

You have to make your way to the rooftop of the building.

Make sure you stick to Stealth Attacks to complete the Silent Assassin Gold Medal objective.

Take out your silenced pistol and use it to knock out the workers.

Take the ladder and make your way up to the roof.

The first worker you see will be easy to take out as he is already facing in the opposite direction.

Make your way up the stairs but don’t climb up all the way yet. Let these two workers walk past you.

Follow them to the generator.

Take them out like you did the first two workers on the ground floor.

Climb up this last ladder to reach the helipad.

As soon as the cutscene ends, spam your melee attack button, and don’t stop until Rocco is subdued. This should complete the Can’t Touch This 2.0 Gold Medal objective.

Get in the helicopter and pilot it erratically. However, you don’t really need to do anything special. Just move the helicopter left and right or change its pitch.

After Milton and Anton agree to Michael’s demands, fly back to the studio to meet up with Mr. Richards.

Remember to land the helicopter as gently as possible. You won’t complete the Perfect Touchdown Gold Medal objective if you damage the helicopter.

Walk back to Solomon’s office.

Heading to the Big Screen

Michael will stop at nothing to get big-screen notoriety. With Michael’s stellar job in the Mr. Richards mission, Solomon Richards had no choice but to give Michael an associate producer role in his upcoming movie, Meltdown.

All Gold Medal objectives are pretty easy to complete in this mission. Just make sure to skip all the cutscenes (there are a ton of them in this mission) to save time. Also, don’t forget to stick to stealth attacks to complete the Silent Assassin Gold Medal objective as well.

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