VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Breeze


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Breeze houses the largest bombsites on any map in VALORANT. Breeze is also home to the farthest sightlines in the game, and because of the overall size of the bombsites on Breeze, some Agents might see little to no use on the map.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Breeze

Controllers are necessary on every team in just about any game of VALORANT. Without adequate cover around essential spots on the map, there will be too many angles, cubbies, and enemy utility to worry about.

Unfortunately, Controllers, such as Astra, Omen, and Brimstone, cannot provide the same smoke cover they can on other maps due to the sheer size of Breeze’s bomb sites. However, one Controller Agent works best in VALORANT’s most spacious map: Viper.

Today we take a look at the best team composition for Breeze. Thanks to a certain Controller, site control, site-takes, and site retakes can be made a little bit easier. All that is left to do is to pick the right supporting cast.

The Best Team Composition For Breeze – Viper, Jett, Sova, Skye, Killjoy


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Viper’s Toxic Screen is probably Breeze’s most powerful Agent Ability, bar none. Viper’s toxic wall can effectively split any of the two bomb sites in Breeze into two parts, making it easier for Attackers to take space confidently toward their preferred bombsite.

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Because of how large each bombsite is on Breeze, Viper’s wall is the only cover-type ability in-game that can fully cover key sections on the map, not to mention the instant HP-cut that enemy players are slapped with push through the Toxic Screen.

The rest of Viper’s utility is nothing to scoff at as well. As the largest map in the game, Breeze will inevitably also have a wide and open skybox, which Viper can easily use to line up a molly or two during post-plant.

Viper’s Smoke Screen is also perfect for smoking the bomb during post-plant and deals good damage too. Finally, Viper’s Ultimate is great for securing the bomb post-plant (Attackers) and works well for site defense (Defenders).


jett 4

There are just a handful of maps in VALORANT where everyone’s favorite Korean Duelist will not appear. Breeze is not one of those maps.

On Breeze, Jett can continue to take risky peeks and use unusual angles to catch her enemies by surprise. She can abuse these wide-open peeks since she can Dash out when things get too hectic. Her weapon of choice will always be an Operator around Breeze as this scoped weapon can make peeking and holding angles around the map’s long sightlines a Breeze, thanks to its long-range scope.


sova 5

If Jett is pretty much the staple Duelist on just about any map in VALORANT right now, then Sova is undoubtedly the staple Initiator for every map (except Split)

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Sova’s recon prowess is just unmatched in VALORANT right now. When used correctly, Sova’s Recon Bolt can reveal an entire area and ping your team of the enemy’s exact locations. Sova’s Owl Drone is also capable of scanning/tagging enemy team players, thus revealing their locations on the bomb site. Sova’s Hunter’s Fury is also a potent ability on Breeze, which can be used to defend the bomb post-plant.

Overall, Sova is a great pick on Breeze or any map in VALORANT, not named Split.


skye 4

Sova-Skye combos are pretty common in the meta these days. However, Sova still holds the Initiator crown, as Skye functions as an Initiator-Duelist hybrid for her team.

Skye has a powerful site entry ability, thanks to her flashes. She also has great recon abilities in her Trailblazer and Ultimate. She can even function as a pseudo-Sage alongside her other abilities, thanks to her healing ability.

On Breeze, Skye can quickly punish enemy team players hiding in common spots around bomb sites like B-Backsite and the Half-Wall. On the other hand, the A-site is wide and open Skye can let her flash loose and blind any enemy holding an angle towards Cave.


Untitled 2 6

Killjoy’s Lockdown will not be as effective on Breeze as it usually would be on other smaller maps in VALORANT. That is the only gripe players might have on Killjoy when playing in Breeze.

The rest of Killjoy’s kit is quite useful on Breeze, though. Killjoy’s Nanoswarm + Alarm Bot + Turret combo is as powerful as ever for stopping the enemy team from rushing into Killjoy’s bomb site. She can also contribute to the team during post-plant situations by throwing simple Nanoswarm lineups that delay or deny a defuse.

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Apart from Killjoy’s ultimate inability to cover entire bombsites on Breeze, the rest of her abilities are still relevant and strong for defending Breeze.

Team Breeze

Viper, Sova, Skye, Jett, and Killjoy are the Agents you need to try to play with on Breeze. If you have a squad of five players who can fill in and play these Agents, you will want to try this team composition for Breeze. This team composition might be a one-way ticket to free wins on Breeze against less coordinated teams.

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