VALORANT: Essential Chamber Setups on Haven


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Learn these Chamber Setups on Haven to make quick work of defense around the triple-bombsite map.

VALORANT: Essential Chamber Setups on Haven

Sentinel Agents are adept at holding down entire bombsites on their own – Chamber is no exception.

Unlike other Sentinel Agents that are mostly equipped with trap-based utility (Sage, Killjoy, and Cypher come into mind), Chamber has an excellent mix of offensive and defensive abilities that make him a versatile Agent for various situations.

Around Haven, Chamber should have no problems holding down an entire bombsite with his traps, and, when needed, Chamber can even play like a Duelist on defense by playing aggressive angles with his Headhunter and Tour de Force.

This article will walk you through some of the most effective traps setups that you can use to defend any bombsite on Haven.

Haven A-site – A-site Chamber Setups on Haven

image 213

A-site is arguably the more challenging bombsite to defend on Haven. The entryways into the A-site itself are relatively narrow and easy to choke down with utility, making it equally challenging to enter for the Attacking team.

However, retakes can be extra difficult because, in an ironic role reversal, the rotating Defenders have to pass through even more narrow entryways to get into A-site.

You will want to avoid this situation as the A-site Defender, so here are Chamber Setups on Haven that will slow down or stop an Attacker rush through the A-site Entrance and A-Sewer.

First Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 214

Second Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 215
image 216

Haven B-site – B-Main & C-Garage Chamber Setups on Haven

There’s only one direct entryway into B-site – the B-site Entrance from Mid Courtyard. However, the Attacking team can and will try to split up between Mid Courtyard and C-Garage to strengthen their B-site Attack.

A single Trademark trap along the B-site Entrance and another one within C-Garage should make it difficult for the Attacking team to take more space around these areas.

First Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 217

Second Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 218

Haven C-site – C-Garage & C-site Entrance Chamber Setups on Haven

For C-site, the Attacking team will also want to split up between C-Long and C-Garage to secure both the C-site itself and the rotational lanes at C-Link and Defender Spawn.

C-Garage is a particularly important area to fortify in this situation since C-Garage control will give the Attackers access to C-Link and Defender Spawn, which will make rotations and retakes much more difficult for the Defending team.

First Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 219

Second Trap and Teleport Marker Placement

image 220

Simple Yet Effective

The mere presence of these traps should keep the Attacking team honest around Haven – nobody wants to fall victim to Chamber’s Traps.

The slow debuff that Chamber’s traps apply whenever triggered is enough to slow any enemy down to a crawl. The area of effect is also huge and should cover entire entryways around Haven with ease.

On the other hand, the teleport markers’ placement allows you to hold more aggressive angles in the first few seconds of the round. You can easily teleport out to a more defensive position if you whiff your shot or the enemy team goes for a full team to rush towards your direction.

Feel free to reposition the teleport markers throughout the game to keep your opponents guessing.

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