VALORANT: Fade Haunt Lineups on Fracture (Defending)


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Learn the best Fade Haunt Lineups on Fracture in Valorant!

VALORANT: Fade Haunt Lineups on Fracture (Defending)

VALORANT map designers went loco when they designed Fracture. Instead of adding a twist to the tested and proven tactical shooting game layout that features a middle land flanked by two bombsites, they designed a map that gives the Attacking team instant access to flanking lanes right at round start.

This is possible thanks to the unique zip lines that run between A-site and B-site on the map, which makes playing Defense on Fracture a bit tricky, as Defenders will have to watch two opposite lanes on A-site or B-site.

You must play an Agent that can get information on enemy positions right at round start. One of the best Agents for the job is Fade and her Haunt ability that can scan, tag, and trail enemies.

Fracture A-site Fade Lineups

There are three different lanes the Attacking team can use when attacking A-site on Fracture. There’s A-Main, A-Sands, and A-Drop.

If you’re playing Fade on A-site, getting early information on any of these three lanes will give your team a good idea about enemy positions early in the round and allow your team to rotate sooner.

Below are lineups that you can use for early information gathering around the A-Main and A-Sand area, as these are the more difficult lanes to hold on A-site. For A-Drop, simply ask one of your team’s Controllers to smoke off the area to force the Attacker in that area into a difficult spot.

A-Lobby Haunt Lineup

  1. Stand along A-Rope/A-Rafters area:
16 2

2. Aim for this corner on the roof:

17 3
18 3

3. Run forward, then JUMPTHROW Haunt:

19 3

When done properly, Haunt will land at A-Lobby and reveal any Attacker making their way to A-site.

15 1

A-Dish Haunt Lineup

  1. Align yourself with this line on the floor at A-Drop:
20 4

2. Place the tip of Haunt’s mouse indicator triangle on this dark spot on the rubble:

21 4
22 3

3. Run forward, then JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

24 4

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt should land on this corner of the A-Dish entrance:

23 3

A-Retake Haunt Lineup

  1. Look for these three small white dots on the A-Defender Spawn wall:
26 3
27 3

2. Aim along the left edge of the metal fixture on the roof. Drag your mouse down until it aligns with the diagonal line on the wall:

28 4

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

29 3

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt should land on the roof and reveal most of the A-site.

25 3

Fracture B-site Fade Lineups

When playing B-site as Fade, you will have many more options regarding early info lineups for B-Main or B-Arcade. B-site and surrounding areas are not as closed off as A-site, making setting up Haunt for early information lineups easier.

Generally, you’ll have one teammate watching B-Main while you hold B-Arcade, and vice versa. B-Arcade is particularly important as this lane leads to B-Tower, an important area to secure as a defender.

Below are quick and easy lineups for B-Main and B-Arcade that can help you get an early headcount on the number of Attackers making their way to B-site on Fracture.

B-Arcade Haunt Lineup

  1. Align yourself with the right door frame at B-Rope:
1 5

2. Aim for this corner on the Arcade wall:

9 5

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

3 5

When done properly, Haunt should land on the roof and cover B-Arcade:

2 5

B-Main Haunt Lineup

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Default:
4 5

2. Aim for the bottom right corner of this inverted triangle:

6 3
7 4

3. Run and JUMPTHROW:

8 5

When done properly, Haunt should land on the corner of the roof at B-Main:

5 6

B-Retake Haunt Lineup

  1. Stand in this corner behind the generator:
10 4

2. Aim for the bottom right corner of this marking on the generator:

11 2

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt:

12 2

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt should land on the roof of B-Tower:

13 3

Haunt them Down

Fade’s Haunt is a powerful recon tool that reveals not only enemy positions but also tags and marks targets for a considerable amount of time. Fade’s Haunt is also not as complicated to use as Sova’s Recon Dart and gives more information versus KAY/O’s EMP Knife, making it a value-filled ability that’s easy to use.

Fade is arguably one of the better Initiators in the game right now. Her kit requires a bit of practice to get used to, but mastering her abilities, such as Prowlers, Haunt, and Seize, will give Fade’s team a valuable advantage on both Attacking and Defending sides on most maps in VALORANT.

Master the Haunt lineups featured above and try them on your next outing with Fade on Fracture.

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