VALORANT: Fracture Map Changes in Patch 5.07


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Riot Games gives Fracture a makeover.

VALORANT: Fracture Map Changes in Patch 5.07

Tactical FPS veterans will be used to seeing maps that feature an A-site, a Middle Lane, and a B-site in their layout. This traditional map layout design puts a great emphasis on Middle lane control because of how it opens up additional entry lanes towards the A and B bomb sites.

Fracture is VALORANT’s most unique map layout thus far, one that offers less traditional options in terms of Attacking, Defending, and flanking on the map. You won’t find a Middle Lane on Fracture, instead, the middle lane is swapped out for a two-way zipline that gives Attackers access to flanking lanes automatically even before the round starts, which puts a unique twist on how games are played on both sides of the map.

For Patch 5.07, Riot Games has given Fracture some quality of life changes to make gameplay more streamlined and straightforward on the map.

Fracture Changes in Patch 5.07

All changes on Fracture aim to simplify movement around various parts of the map, make utility use more simple, reduce unnecessary corners that slow down gameplay, and give overlooked areas more use opportunities.

The biggest changes can be seen at A-Dish and A-Drop – both are areas that do not see too much use in ranked play because of their high-risk nature, especially for the Attacking team. A-Drop is an especially difficult spot to defend and attack because of its awkward angle and risky nature.


A-Dish has been converted into a single-sightline area that should help make it a more direct lane towards the A-site. Previously, the Attacking team has to check both the left and right sides of the Dish to make sure the area is clear. This slows down gameplay for the Attacking team and makes it difficult to set up a pincer attack from A-Halls and A-Drop simultaneously.


Other changes include the removal of unnecessary kinks and bends on most lanes to speed up rotations. These changes can be seen at A-Arcade, Defender Spawn, and A-Halls.

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Changes have been made to aid the use of smoke utility on Fracture as well. The spot between B-Generator and the wall parallel to it has been given a shrinking treatment to simplify smoke setups in that area.


On the other hand, A-Ropes now has a short rafter that will give the Defending team options after the Attacking team smokes off A-Ropes completely. Previously, Defenders holding A-Ropes will have zero chance of Defending the area after it has been smoked off by the Attacking team. This change should give the Defenders more retake options on A-site.


Fast and Efficient Gameplay

The changes made to Fracture in Patch 5.07 should make site control, defense, and overall gameplay on the map just a tad faster and more straightforward. Having fewer angles to check means players can move up and take space around the map faster and without fear of getting Shorty-ed to the face in one of Fracture’s many cubbies and corners.

It will be exciting to see the new strategies and plays that come with the optimized map design and layout.

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