VALORANT: KAYO Flash Lineups on Icebox (Attacking)


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Icebox is one of KAYO’s best maps. These flash lineups will help you dominate the icy tundra.

VALORANT: KAYO Flash Lineups on Icebox (Attacking)

KAYO is one of the best Initiators in the game right now alongside the newest addition to the Initiator roster in Fade. KAYO’s well-rounded kit helps him gather crucial on-site information on just about any map in the game. He can also initiate site entries and retakes very well thanks to his buffed/nerfed flash grenades.

With his right-hand pop flash now only lasting 1.25 seconds, KAYO mains have to get creative with the left-click flash to get the most out of it. We have compiled some of the best KAYO flash lineups on Icebox to help with your team’s Attacking efforts on the map.

KAYO Flash Lineups on Icebox A-site

A-site is full of vertical sightlines and cubbies that the Defending team can use to surprise incoming Attackers. To clear out these spots, your team will need some smokes, mollies, and a reliable entry flash to blind Defenders on-site.

The flash lineups featured below can help you take control of the A-site more easily. These lineups are designed to flash common Defender spots and angles so your team can enter and take control of the bomb site without too much resistance.

Icebox A-site Pop Flash

  1. Stand in this corner in A-Ramp:
image 451

2. Aim for the tip of this light strip on the ceiling:

1 39
2 10

3. Run forward and throw the flash grenade:

image 452
image 453

A-site Generator/Backsite

  1. Stand along the right edge of the A-Nest wall:
image 468
image 469

2. Aim for this rivet on A-Pipes:

10 6

3. Run forward then jump throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

image 470
image 471

KAYO Flash Lineups on Icebox Middle

Middle is arguably the most important lane on Icebox as it provides a secondary entry lane for the Attacking team. With control of Middle, the Attacking team can cut off rotations towards either A-site or B-site (depending on which bombsite your team chose to take) and flank on-site Defenders to secure the Spike plant.

Middle Boiler is arguably the stronger position in Icebox Middle, but you can easily push away Defenders from that spot with a simple KAYO pop-flash.

Mid Boiler Pop Flash

  1. Stand along this line on the floor at Defender Side Spawn:
image 455

2. Aim for the small gap between the container:

4 10
5 11

3. Run forward and jump throw the flash grenade:

image 457
image 459

Mid Orange Flash Lineup

  1. Stand on the tip of this arrow on the floor in Mid Blue:
image 464
image 465

2. Aim along the middle of the orange container:

8 8
9 5

3. Run forward then jump throw KAYO’s grenade:

image 466
image 467

KAYO Flash Lineups on Icebox B-site

B-Green is the primary lane the Attacking team takes when making their way toward B-site, making it a very predictable lane to hold as a Defender.

A simple KAYO flash lineup should help secure your team’s B-site entry. Ask your teammates to smoke additional angles as soon as you’re onsite to delay the Defending team’s rotations towards B-site.

B-site Pop Flash

  1. Stand along the right edge of this container in B-Green:
image 478
image 479

2. Place the right tip of the HP HUD line in this corner of the box:

12 2
13 2

3. Left-click-throw KAYO’s flash grenade:

image 480

This flash lineup will flash Defenders holding angles toward the B-Green area. Defenders holding from B-Snowman, B-Default, and B-Yellow will be blinded by this lineup.

Cold As Ice

As long as you keep a 25-meter distance between KAYO and your target location, you can easily produce a pop flash with KAYO’s left-click flash grenade. With that said, knowing default flash lineups can help you extract the most out of KAYO’s flash, as these are more reliable and repeatable throughout a match.

Master the KAYO flash lineups above to make lane control and site entry easier on the map.

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