VALORANT: Omen One-way Smokes on Lotus (Defending)


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Spook your enemies with these surefire one-way smokes on Lotus.

VALORANT: Omen One-way Smokes on Lotus (Defending)

Omen is one of the better smokers you can pick when playing on Lotus. His ability to place pinpoint, accurate smokes on small gaps around walls and boxes around the map allow him to set up one-way smokes that can net him a few free kills a few times in a match.

One-way smokes are not a must-have on Lotus, but they can be very advantageous when used alongside Omen’s normal smoke setups, especially if you are looking to play the spooky Controller more aggressively, ala Flexninja.

This quick guide has compiled some of the best one-way Omen smokes for Defending on Lotus.

Lotus A-site Omen One-way Smokes

A-Root and A-Rubble are the most contested areas on Lotus A-site, and it is where the Attacking and Defending teams will be vying for control due to the additional flank/rotation lanes these two areas offer. (A-Rotating Door and A-Link)

When playing Defense as Omen in Lotus A-site, a quick one-way smoke on the A-Lobby Entrance should deter the Attacking team from pushing out toward A-Rubble.

While your smoke is active, you can play aggressively around the A-Rubble area and catch unsuspecting enemies off guard.

A-Lobby Omen One-way Smoke

11 6
3 8

A-Tree Omen One-way Smoke

10 5
8 6

Lotus B-site Omen One-way Smokes

Unfortunately, there are no clipping points for Omen one-way smokes on Lotus B-site. A standard smoke setup for B-Entrance should suffice if you are playing B-site as Omen.

13 4

Lotus C-site Omen One-way Smokes

C-Site is arguably the best bombsite for Omen when Defending on Lotus. There are many one-way smoke spots on Lotus C-site, which should give you a ton of variations and options when playing defense.

The most important one-way smoke for C-site is arguably the C-Lobby one-way smoke, which gives you and your C-site teammate the ability to push toward C-Mound and deny the Attacking team control of the C-Mound and C-Rotating Door area.

Another great one-way smoke includes a cheeky C-site Entrance one-way, smoke you can use while standing on top of the C-site itself.

C-Lobby Omen One-way Smoke

14 3
5 8

C-site Entrance Omen One-way Smoke

6 9
7 8

C-site Close Play Omen One-way Smoke

15 6
16 5

They’ll Never See You Coming

Omen’s one-way smokes can work wonders around the triple bombsite map Lotus, especially when playing Defense.

The presence of one-way smokes are often enough to deter the Attacking team from pushing through key areas around the map while the smoke covers are up.

In the meantime, your team can use the smokes to secure more aggressive positions around the map and force the Attacking team into tougher situations that work in your favor.

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