VALORANT: Stinger Buffs coming in Patch 5.06


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Riot gives the humble SMG some added Sting.

VALORANT: Stinger Buffs coming in Patch 5.06

The Stinger went from zero to hero almost overnight when pros and casual players found an exploit that made the Stinger a powerful and accurate mid-long-range burst fire weapon back in Patch 2.03.

The trick revolved around the gun’s ADS burst-fire mode, giving the Stinger close to 100% accuracy on long-range shots. That, combined with the Stinger’s very low price tag (1100 Credits), made it a viable eco-round purchase option that brought a ton of value to players who knew how to use the weapon optimally.

Of course, Riot Games didn’t like how the humble SMG was shaping the meta, so they quickly gave the Stinger a nerf back in Patch 4.07 by increasing the firing input delay to ADS, which effectively removed the accuracy bonus that players can get from the gun.

After the nerf, the Stinger returned to being just another gun you can buy as a shotgun alternative on maps that feature tight corners, such as Pearl. Its high fire rate still made it a dangerous weapon at close range, but that was about it.

In a surprising move, however, Riot Games plans on giving the Stinger a few buffs in the upcoming Patch 5.06.

VALORANT 5.06 Stinger Buffs

The recently concluded September 9th VALORANT PBE Patch notes focused on Stinger changes:


  • Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after 7 bullets >>> 1.3 error after 6 bullets.
    • Our goal for the Stinger is to feel controllable and appropriately lethal at short ranges, but currently, even in close quarters, it can feel out-of-control. Lowering the top spread should make it feel more reliable at the appropriate range once you’ve overcome the learning curve of the recoil.
  • Alt-Fire first shot error adjusted from .5 >>> .35
    • For an option that’s about being more accurate, it felt like the first shot had more variance than we’d like, especially at the range you’d want to use the burst fire mode.

Even though the ADS accuracy exploits with the Stinger back in Patch 2.03 was by no means an intentional feature of the weapon, it at least gave the Stinger a distinct playstyle that worked – an identity, if you will.

image 328

After the nerfs, the Stinger sat in an awkward spot in the Buy Menu – it was cheap enough to pick up on eco rounds, but its abysmal accuracy at mid-long range made it a less than ideal pickup compared to something like the Sheriff. If you wanted a great close-range weapon, cheaper alternatives in the Shorty or the Bucky might do an even better job.

Fortunately, Riot Games realized the predicament the Stinger was in and is finally giving the humble SMG the buffs it needs to solidify its position as the short-range king truly.

Some Added Sting

As small as this buff might seem on paper, the improved Primary Fire error and Alt-fire first shot error values should improve the Stinger’s accuracy in all fire modes, and players should immediately feel a more accurate and reliable first shot and spray with the Stinger.

However, remember that Riot Games has not changed the gun’s running accuracy values, which means that the Stinger is still far from the run-and-gun weapon the Spectre is in-game. Still, for a gun that costs just 950 Credits, these buffs will make the Stinger a more viable option for eco and anti-eco rounds in VALORANT.

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