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Clear those pesky campers with an Odin.

VALORANT: Wallbang Spots on Split

One of VALORANT’S oldest maps, Split, is set in the Japanese Special Ward in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. If you have ever been to the Shinjuku area, you will know some of Shinjuku’s back streets are pretty narrow – this is where Split takes inspiration for its layout.

Split is a relatively small map by VALORANT standards – it feels that way. The narrow alleys and lanes around the map make clearing corners and cubbies within Split a tedious ordeal – one that will surely come back to haunt you if you fail to clear these corners religiously.

Unlike CSGO, the various types of cover present around VALORANT maps are quickly wall bangable. Split’s thin walls, Radianite Boxes, LCD screens, you name it, you can probably wall bang through these types of cover with ease.

Score some easy kills around Split with the Wallbang Spots we have compiled for you in this article! Let’s go!

Why Wallbang in VALORANT?

Wallbangs are utilized around the idea that players generally camp behind the same spots around the map. Players will often occupy the same recurring positions at round start, the middle of a round, or post-plant.

image 592

While wall-banging spots around the map might not always end with you getting a free kill, you can at least chip away at the enemy’s HP, even if just a little. The chip damage you inflict on enemies you wall bang might force the enemy team to waste a valuable heal from a Sage, for example, so it is still a win.

The Best Guns For Wallbang in VALORANT

Almost every gun in VALORANT can Wall Bang as long as the wall in question is not impossibly thick relative to the gun you are using.

image 593

However, the damage reduction from wall bangs using a less than ideal weapon might not be worth the wall bang in the first place.

The mainstream rifles such as the Phantom and Vandal should have no problems wall-banging most cover and walls around every map in VALORANT with decent damage to boot. If you want to get serious and take advantage of the cheesy wall bang spots we will feature in this article, use an Ares or its bigger, more expensive brother, the Odin.

It is also worth noting that Sniper Rifles such as the Marshall and the Operator can also deal decent damage through walls. A well-placed round-start wall bang can quickly turn the round into a 4v5 situation.

With that out of the way, here are some helpful wall bang spots around Split.

Split A-site – Screens Wallbang

image 575

Players in the lower elo will plant the Spike in whatever spot the current round situation allows. Aside from A-Default, the spot behind the large screen in the middle of A-Site is a good but not great Spike plant spot for A-site.

However, in some situations, the spot behind the on-site screen can be great for post-plant if your team has full control of A-Tower since you can easily defend the Spike from defusers through a simple wall bang.

Split A-site – Ramps Wallbang

image 576

Usually, your team should be guarding the A-Ramps area with all your strength since giving up A-Ramps control will let the Attacking team snowball to a round win.

This wall bang spot is most commonly used on retakes where your teammates at A-site have given up A-site control to the Attackers.

More often than not, the Attacking team will have full control of the A-Ramps area by now, which they will want to occupy to gain sound cues and location information from rotating Defenders.

Wall bang the close-right corner at A-Ramps if you rotate to A-site from Vents.

  • Aim at head height just a little to the right of the line in the wall:
1 20

Split Middle – Vents to Ramen Wallbang

image 577

In most low elo games, Split Middle will often be blocked off by a Sage wall. However, in situations where you either:

  1. Do not have a Sage on the team.
  2. Your Sage opts to use her wall somewhere else.

You can try and deter a middle push through this Vents to Ramen wall bang with an Odin. This is a pretty effective wall bang since the enemy team only has a narrow entryway to work with when coming out of the Ramen area.

  1. Stand in the middle of the second strip on the floor from the corner:
image 578
image 579

2. Crouch and aim for the upper right corner of this wall cover:

2 23

Split Middle – Sewer Entrance to Mail Wallbang

image 580

If your team opts for a full team rush to Split Middle, a Mail wall bang can help drive away Defenders lurking around the Mail area. Your team can also use the muffled footsteps to cross the Middle area and make their way to B-Tower.

  1. Line yourself up with the Sewer entrance’s steel frame:
image 582

2. Aim for the upper right corner of the crate strap’s buckle:

4 19

Split B-site – Backsite Wallbang

image 581

Split’s B-Backsite is a mandatory wall bang if your team decides to take B-site control. The number of corners and cubbies within the B-site makes it difficult to enter, especially if your team is not well-coordinated.

B-site is full of close corners and cubbies that Defenders take advantage of to score easy kills off unchecked corners – B-Backsite is just one of the more common cheese spots, especially for Shotgun plays on eco-rounds.

The B-Backsite wall bang is pretty straightforward. You need to know where to aim to land the perfect wallbang shots on Defenders camping behind the dividing wall.

  • Aim just a little to the right side of the poster
3 20

Split B-site B-Tower to Drop Wallbang

image 585

Most of the time, the Attacking team will make it a point to smoke off the B-Tower area to cut off the number of angles they have to check upon site entry.

Defenders will have no choice but to wait for the smoke to wear off. However, by the time the smoke wears off, the Attacking team will most likely have repositioned to advantageous off-angles – Drop is one of them.

  • Aim along the middle of the third line on the wall from the right:
image 584

Split B-site – Double Box Wallbang

The Double Boxes just below B-Rafters are also wall-bangable. Although most of the time, you might not want to make it a point to plant behind these boxes since it makes post-plant play awkward for the rest of the team.

However, this spot might come in handy in 1v1 clutch situations.

image 587

Split B-site – B-Tower/Heaven Wallbang

image 586

B-Heaven is also wall-bangable with an Odin. You can catch rotating Defenders taking the Vents to Mail route with this wall bang.

  • Just aim below the “B” marking on the wall.
image 588

Split B-site – B-Tower Anti-rush Wallbang

image 591

If the enemy team is somehow starting to abuse the lack of resistance at B-site, they might begin to rush you or your teammates on-site.

You can opt to use this wall bang to scare them off from rushing into B-site. You might even score a kill or two with this wallbang.

  1. Stand in the corner between the small plant box and the B-Tower back wall:
image 589

2. Aim for the bottom right corner of the second grey tile from the right:

image 590


The Odin is probably your best bet when attempting most of these wall bangs. A Vandal or Phantom will do wonders for thinner walls such as the one found in A-Ramps and Screens.

Wall banging in VALORANT is an underrated art; ask Sinatraa – you can score a ton of free kills just by knowing where and when to spam your Odin through walls and cover around the map.

Knowing wall bang spots will help a ton, especially when you are in a slump and cannot rely on your aim. As Sova quotes: “If you are not a good shot today, do not worry, there are other ways to be useful.” – By that, Sova means that you probably should just wall bang yourself to victory.

So, there you have it! We hope you learned a few new wall bang spots that you can use around Split! For more on VALORANT Wallbangs, check out our article on Wallbang Spots on Ascent.

Do not forget to check out the PlayerAssist website for more gaming guides, gaming news, game codes, and more!

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