Vince Gilligan had Thought of a GTA-Inspired Breaking Bad Game



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Better Call Saul is ending next week, and a lot of fans are sad to see the criminal world of ABQ bowing out of the small screen. What’s interesting is, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had actually thought of a video game based in the world inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

Vince Gilligan had Thought of a GTA-Inspired Breaking Bad Game

Talking to Inside the Gilliverse (via ComicBook), Gilligan explained:

“I’m not much of a video game player, but how can you not know Grand Theft Auto… I remember saying to the guys, that are off running Apple now, who said yes originally to Breaking Bad, ‘Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Can’t you have a module, can there be a Breaking Bad [game]?’ [It] still makes sense to me! That never came to fruition.”

Gilligan does admit that there have been several other attempts at a Breaking Bad game via other mediums, but we never really got anything that was close to something like GTA.

With Gilligan and his team off to work on other things after Better Call Saul, maybe a Breaking Bad game could work with another developer. After all, Gilligan’s fictional crime world of Albuquerque is filled with colourful characters that could serve as NPCs in the game. I’d be up for a shooter that had me driving around meeting characters like Mike, Saul, and Walter. What if I got to choose a career between cooking meth or becoming a criminal lawyer?

No Breaking Bad video game has been announced, but you can catch Better Call Saul which ends next week Monday on AMC.

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