WATCH: What Challenges Lie for Aloy in This New Featurette for Horizon Forbidden West


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February is here, and Guerrilla Games is set to launch Horizon Forbidden West in a few weeks. Though we know some things will be the same in the game, we have a new featurette that showcases what challenges are waiting for Aloy in the Forbidden West.

WATCH: What Challenges Lie for Aloy in This New Featurette for Horizon Forbidden West

Watch this:

The open world of Horizon Forbidden West is a true playground for players. An expansive world full of danger and adventure – and Aloy will need a lot of tools, weapons, and skills to survive what her enemies will throw at her.

 In this special short, find out more about how Aloy can thrive and strategize in an increasingly threatening world.

While the first game focused a lot on challenges that happen in natural environments, it looks like Forbidden West will have you fighting machines in a more controlled area—specifically an arena where people watch you fight giant machines to the death.

Being able to race machines is also a new element that’s been added to the game. With the first one focusing so much on fetch quests, it’s great to see Guerrilla adding a lot more variety to the gameplay. Hopefully arenas and races aren’t the only things that’s been added to keep us in the Forbidden West for hours.

Besides gameplay, it looks like Aloy will also have a chance to build herself some new weapons and costumes. While stats are great, I would actually love some more variety to Aloy’s look. I mean, why can’t we change her hair?

Horizon Forbidden West launches for the PS5 on Feb. 18.

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