Where to find the Rusty Tractor in GTA 5



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The risk of tetanus is high with this one.

Where to find the Rusty Tractor in GTA 5

Tractors are arguably one of the most important inventions humankind has ever created. These farming vehicles are some of the most durable vehicles in the world – requiring no more than a regular oil change to last years of daily abuse.

Farming vehicles aren’t very common in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, only appearing in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and GTA 5/GTA Online. Nevertheless, players can find two different types of tractors in GTA 5 – the Fieldmaster and the Rusty Tractor. We’ll show you where to find the latter in this guide.

The Rusty Tractor

The Tractor has appeared once before in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. In the previous game, the Tractor possessed a respectable amount of power and torque that allowed the farming vehicle to tow just about any type of vehicle in the game.

On the other hand, the Tractor featured in GTA 5 is one of the slowest vehicles in the game due to neglect and lack of proper maintenance, as evidenced by its worn down and rusted chassis. The Rusty Tractor in GTA 5 seems to be based on the Fordson family of tractors farmers used back in the 1900s, as it shares the same large grooved rear wheels and slender front wheel design.

Nevertheless, the Rusty Tractor is still very functional and is fully drivable in-game albeit at very slow speeds.

Funnily enough, players can still perform a slow-mo driveby with the Sawed-off Shotgun while driving the Rusty Tractor.

Where to find the Rusty Tractor in GTA 5

Unknowing the Truth Mission (Strangers and Freaks)

The Rusty Tractor is a reward for completing the Strangers and Freaks mission “Unknowing the Truth” if Michael opts to deliver the car to a designated drop-off point. As a reward for his efforts, Michael is rewarded by an Epsilon Program member with the Epsilon Tractor.

A quick tip: Players can choose to betray the Epsilon Program to get $2.1 million and the Tractor by killing all the Epsilon guards before the cult member gets out of the helicopter. Immediately walk down the stairs leading to the parking lot and drive the Tractor towards the Epsilon Car. After which, players can simply get back inside the Epsilon Car to complete the mission and get both the money and the Tractor.

El Gordo Lighthouse

Around Los Santos, players can find the Rusty Tractor near the El Gordo Lighthouse in Cape Catfish, Blaine County.

Sometimes, the Rusty Tractor can also be found parked near a storage unit in the farmland areas.

Rusty But Trusty

All vehicles in GTA 5 behave differently from one another. So if you’re keen on experiencing what every type of vehicle in-game has to offer, then the Rusty Tractor is definitely one you must add to your garage and drive at least once in-game.

So, there we have it! We hope you can find the Rusty Tractor in GTA 5 through this guide.

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